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Digital Surgeons lives on the forefront of media, tools, and strategy, always with an eye toward exciting new opportunities. We know that your customer is exposed to all forms of media, so we think and plan channel-agnostically to craft integrated connections plans that are built to positively interplay with all your marketing efforts.

Our Superhero Strength

We aren't just media planners. We are experience designers with a deep understanding of the user, the technologies they interact with, and the relationships we can create on your behalf. With Digital Surgeons, you get cross-functional thinking to a degree that no other firm is even considering.  

Connection Planning

Gone are the days of "spray and pray" campaigns. Today we define the consumer to a "T" and put them at the center of media strategy. We find out when, where and how they uniquely consume media then plot that against a thorough user journey. Cross-reference those touch points with timely messaging and you have a chance to be relevant in the consumer's fast-paced, multi-tasking lives.  


Throughout the consumer's day, we can recognize key moments where they shape preferences and make decisions. The prevalence of mobile has broken the path to purchase into thousands of real-time, intent-driven micromoments that can be leveraged singularly or collectively to work for the consumer within the moment. 

Implement, Measure + Optimize

Nothing kills a great strategy faster than a flawed execution. We ensure the campaign logic; pixel strategy, tag management, creative trafficking and rotation for all media vendors and placements are set up to obtain the pristine data that is fed to our team. Media tests are designed by our Data Scientist (he literally eats and drinks data to live). Those tests provide insights that inform the planning and account teams so they can optimize the programming to ensure maximum benefit and efficiency. Rinse, Repair, Repeat.  That's how we do. 


Before undertaking any marketing campaign it's imperative to detail what a successful outcome will look like. When paired with cross-platform attribution models, planners are not only able to garner campaign effectiveness but also leverage performance insights against future campaigns. 

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