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What if

What if...

We brought the vibes to an entire brand experience for a rising DTC brand.

Blenders is a brand that has experienced remarkable growth, evolving from selling sunglasses on the beaches of California to becoming a thriving DTC empire. With a distinct brand identity, a thriving community, and an aspirational lifestyle, they already stood out from their competitors. But as brand enthusiasts fueled by a passion for delivering exceptional results, we couldn’t help but feel like there was an opportunity to throw down on some fresh thinking that we believed could further accelerate their growth.

Disclaimer: This project was not commissioned or endorsed by Blenders, but was done independently using only publicly available information about the business.

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We did

We did...

Design a new digital brand experience geared towards trial and conversion.

By bringing together strategy and design, we dove into the origin of Blenders, identified consumer pain points, and examined the entire purchase journey. To begin, we conducted a comprehensive brand audit that helped us position Blenders as more than just an eyewear brand, and created a framework that would facilitate future scalability. In addition to revamping the digital and ecommerce platforms, we created immersive, conversion-focused experiences that prioritize trial and guided selling, all while fostering an inclusive community that celebrates being bold.

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Refining the brand for scale.

Recognizing that the community had already embraced the nickname “Blenders” and that the product offering had expanded beyond eyewear, we sought to simplify the brand’s identity. Drawing on the iconic forward slashes that define the Blenders visual identity, we streamlined the lettering style to convey a sense of forward momentum, ensuring that the brand’s full representation would inspire a sense of progress.

Bringing the vibes to the .com

Beyond its product line, Blenders’ most compelling aspect is the vibrant community and aspirational lifestyle it embodies – a community of bold, expressive individuals committed to living their best lives. We recognized that the digital experience needed to reflect this ethos and keep the story alive. So, we revamped key pages to deliver a more immersive and impactful experience, guiding users toward styles and products they may never have considered before.

Trending styles and new products… who dis?!

As we reimagined the UX of the Blenders site, we set out to integrate more of the brand’s incredible content in a way that would enhance the product experience. Given the brand’s steady stream of new product releases, we identified opportunities to create immersive product content that would captivate visitors and keep them engaged.

A content rich approach built by the community.

Blenders’ content strategy is unparalleled, and we made it our mission to integrate it into the site’s redesign. A critical aspect of the Blenders brand is the culture and lifestyle that it embodies. Rather than creating a conventional, product-focused ecommerce experience, we aimed to showcase the product alongside the unique experiences it offers. Our objective was to create a powerful, immersive experience that would convince consumers that they were investing in something much larger than just a pair of sunglasses. By prioritizing creativity, expression, and inclusivity, we wanted to communicate that Blenders offers something for everyone, and invites you to join the movement.

Digital Trial for the Win

During the redesign strategy, we found that some consumers had concerns around product fit and style. Additionally, some were hesitant to try new styles. To alleviate these concerns, we proposed an augmented reality try-on experience, accessible directly from the product detail pages. This would enable users to visualize how the product would look on them and make informed purchase decisions.

Guided selling recommendations only a thumb’s swipe away.

We closely considered the Blenders community’s audience and demographic, who are highly attuned to the latest trends and apps, and are well-versed in the nuances of swiping left or right. With this in mind, we drew inspiration from the popular dating app Tinder to create a highly intuitive and engaging shade selector experience that would help consumers find their perfect “Full Send Fit”.

Try before you buy!

Trial was a major area of feedback within the Blenders community. As a predominantly direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand with limited brick-and-mortar locations, providing trial experiences can be challenging. To address this, we drew inspiration from the Warby Parker trial model and added a touch of Blenders swag. Our trial kit allowed users to select up to three pairs of shades for their “Full Send Fit” trial, giving them the freedom to try out different styles and ship back the ones they don’t like. It’s that simple.

I’ve been here a little over a year and I’ve gotten a lot of these, and frankly most of them I’m just like no, no, no. So hats off to you. You obviously did your homework and you hit on some very key points. So I think you guys did a tremendous job. You should be proud. Thank you!
– Christian Scott, VP of Marketing at Blenders
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