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What if

What if...

We helped our partners at Freshpet navigate a better way to connect their brand and digital experience in today's ever-evolving landscape?

We believe that brands are living organisms that must continue to evolve and adapt over time. Over the course of a partnership that has spanned nearly a decade and multiple large high-impact projects together, we've watched Freshpet experience explosive, category leading growth. Our relationship has been built on our ability to consistently co-create and iterate how they show up in the market to deliver on brand promise. In early 2023, we agreed that the core site experience we built together in 2018 was a prime opportunity to explore additional areas for optimization and growth.

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We did

We did...

Designed & launched a new freshpet.com experience to scale with the needs of the team and their growing community of pet parents.

Working collaboratively with the team at Freshpet, we were able to build on top of the solid foundation that we had previously set in past years to create a new, highly optimized, digital brand experience that could keep pace with the growth trajectory that the business has continued to experience past few years. Needless to say, we’re grateful that Freshpet has continued to turned to us as their trusted partner in digital brand innovation.

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Building for the big hearts of future pet parents.

Freshpet’s grown, the world's changed, and Freshpet understood the importance of catering to younger, more creative pet parents. Therefore, we needed to bring to life a Gen Z, mixed-millennial creative expression, where transparency and authenticity is at the core. The most important message? It’s not dog food. It’s food food.™

Increasing engagement, conversions, and households through strategic UX that confronts customer needs.

We led strategic UX design and developed a new system of components that gives the content and design teams at Freshpet the ability the scale and update the site as needed. This project was collaborative from the very start, beginning with an in-person, full-day workshop at the Freshpet HQ in Secaucus, NJ.

Collaborative from the start.

We facilitated an in-person working session day with the team at Freshpet to establish goals, areas of opportunity, and overall approach. We wanted to make sure we understood the company goals, user needs, and audience completely before diving in. We facilitated a variety of exercises to set both teams up for success at the start of the redesign. The teams on both the Freshpet side and our side put our heads together to strategically align in a way that allowed us to move forward together.

Using our past work for Freshpet to inform our new work together.

We took a deep dive into the analytics and new user personas, and user journeys, and used the work we did back in 2016 as a benchmark. That original work was our basis for where to take the new experience. We already had all the analytics and data we needed to make our decisions for the new site. We used analytics to understand how users were coming to the site and what they needed so we could best inform the experience, giving Freshpet the ability to transform their business.

Developing a comprehensive design system to set both teams up for an organized build.

We went into a multi week UX exercise where we developed low and high fidelity wires and design system that accounted for componentry, styles, documentation. Working mobile first, we ensured that our system would account for future scale, content types, and the needs of the Freshpet business and core audience.

Continuing to partner and collaborate through development and design oversight.

As we handed the high fidelity wires over to Freshpet, we continued to oversee the project at they prepped assets and finalized components. Upon UX delivery, we gave Freshpet a framework to easily update the site and make changes as they wish. We continued to update the design system and components to Freshpet’s business needs throughout the design phase to ensure that design, technology and user experience all came together cohesively. We were hip and hip from kickoff to launch.

Relaunching freshpet.com on a Headless CMS: Builder.io

We researched heavily into which platform would be best for Freshpet’s business to launch on, and ultimately decided on Builder.io for its modularity and flexibility. Because it’s headless — meaning the front-end is editable without touching the back-end — Freshpet can easily manage content independently and manage digital at scale. Since Freshpet’s business is growing, we knew the importance of choosing a platform that allowed for scale and easy page-building was a must-have. Our tech recommendations, research, and overall approach helped expedite and simplify design and implementation so that the team at Freshpet could shape the site equally as well as our team — both today and in the future.

Thanks for the herculean effort together with us on this! HUGE thank you!
- Maureen Cooley, Associate Creative Director, Freshpet
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