Data Science and Analytics

From Insight comes Excellence

Customers and consumers signal a great deal of information – about themselves and where your brand fits into their lives – through actions, inaction and perceptions. Digital Surgeons helps brands distill the signals from the noise, delivering insights that will move your brand forward.

Data Science isn’t Alchemy

Our clients approach us with business problems and goals; we leverage, analyze and transform their data turning it into meaningful insights and ultimately, solutions. From creating impactful visualizations to developing mathematical models of audience behavior, we are well-versed on the tools of the modern Data Scientist. Then, we pepper on years of industry experience, a good old “gut check” and common sense.

It’s Not Just About the Numbers

We are laser-focused on understanding your business goals and creating value. Before we begin any work, we define specific goals – make sure the client is aligned on those goals – and then track and report progress using a limited, specific set of metrics. But it’s more than just facts and figures – your people and your process are as critical to the success of a data project as any advanced tools or techniques. We’re people, too.

The Interface as a Laboratory

A key tenet of our culture is Continuous Improvement. We see every UI as a playground for experimentation, with the end goal being a better user experience. Our deliberate, rigorous, and iterative experimental process yields an understanding of what feels right, whether it’s a shopping cart experience, banner advertisement, or value proposition.

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