2007 Search Engine Market Share Still Dominated By Google

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Another work week comes to end for the people that do not work weekends and nights like Digital Surgeons. The sun is down here on the East Coast and the city is lit up. It’s warm, the motorcycles are humming about through the city of New Haven. And… Oh yeah, Google is still number one for United States Search Engine Market Share, coming in at 56.3 percent according to the latest Nielsen//NetRatings for May 2007. They grew a measly 48 percent.

  It is also no surprise that Yahoo came in 2nd place with 21.5 percent of the market and decent growth of 18.6 percent. MSN/Windows Live Search had just .08 percent growth even with the launch of the less then favorable
Vista release. They finished out May with just 8.4 percent.

  Ask.com took a huge fall after seeing some decent growth at the beginnning of the year. Speculators blame it on bad advertising. Their recent launch of the marketing campaign featuring the slogan “The Algorithm Killed Jeeves” seems to have had an adverse effect on their search engine market share considering that most people associate the algorithm with Google.

  I personally blame Google for the growth of Google.