The 50/50 Experiment: A New Approach to Growth Hacking

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Forget what you know about concept ideation. Rarely does a light bulb simply turn on in the mind of a marketer that leaves him or her with a groundbreaking “big idea”. No, world-class work takes time, effort, and above all else, open-mindedness. By sewing every seed (no matter how outlandish it may seem), it’s possible to grow even the tiniest of ideas into full-scale conceivable concepts.

All you need is 50 uninterrupted minutes and zero inhibitions. After all, who has hours to spend toiling over the same two or three ideas? We’re talking about a high-speed, no-holds-barred firestorm that’ll leave you with 50 ideas in less than an hour flat. It’s fast, fun, and about as forward thinking as brainstorm sessions get. It’s the 50/50 game and it’s changing the face of creative ideation.