People Over Process: How We Can Still Save Design Thinking

When done right, design thinking tears down barriers and existing ways of working that prevent businesses from arriving at their best solutions. But I don’t want to see companies with stifling cultures trying to bolt it on as a flavor of the month.

Design thinking can transform your organization for the better — please don’t ruin it.

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Three Examples of How Design Thinking Is Improving Government

​Private businesses and nonprofits are not the only ones benefitting from design thinking. Design thinking principles have been applied to address challenges that governments and municipal institutions face. These three case studies demonstrate how design thinking can assist civil authorities in designing human-centered solutions to societal problems.

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How to Design Digital Transformation

​If you want to foolproof your organization to make sure you are not disrupted, you need an organizational methodology in place to help you integrate new technologies and get your team educated and onboard. Design thinking takes big problems which it then compartmentalizes and simplifies them into smaller pieces. Digital transformation is a long-term outcome but by applying the pillars of design thinking (such as cross functional collaboration, empathy, and rapid iteration) across departments you can breakdown digital transformation into smaller buckets.

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Four Nonprofits Changing Society With Design Thinking

Nonprofit organizations around the globe are using design thinking to improve the welfare of society and address problems that plague the greater good. These organizations are “thinking big” with design thinking in order to help their communities and society more broadly. Here are four organizations that demonstrate how design thinking can tackle challenges on any scale.

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