How Design Sprints Can Shape Your Brand

Brand building is typically viewed as part of a long-term engagement. Organizations, and their internal, agency, or consultant teams invest in a discovery (typically through an agency briefing process), a visual exploration or moodboard, and a brand and identity strategy that culminates into a ‘big idea’ campaign with brand guidelines, strategic planning, a website, a communications plan, and media buying.

While these artifacts are incredibly valuable, and necessary, a design sprint offers immediate clarity that can then be used as a creative springboard into other key deliverables. We’ve had great luck ‘cracking’ big idea programs in single sprints that have lead to multi-year campaigns that attack various business challenges. It’s ultimately all about transforming brands with velocity and allowing the sprint to act as a rally cry that connects people from multiple departments and points them towards what’s next.

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Written by Founder

From Bitcoin to Ethereum: How Blockchain Technology Enables New Brand Tactics

Blockchain technology is poised to solve a massive swathe of the problems we face with our digital assets today. Used for the right things, it eliminates entire classes of complications and vulnerabilities, as well as the upfront infrastructure investment. Big minds and deep pockets like IBM, Intel and Microsoft, as well as the World Economic Forum expect this technology to hail a fourth a fourth industrial revolution. Whole new ways of doing business are expected to arise, and maybe even the way our society is structured will change as a result.

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Written by Senior Engineer

What Is Pokémon GO and What Can It Do for Your Brand?

Since its US release less than a week ago on July 7th, mobile augmented reality (AR) game Pokémon GO has taken both the real and virtual world by storm — it’s about to surpass Twitter’s total active daily users, it’s been downloaded more than Tinder, and Central Park is filled with budding Pokémon Masters trying to Catch ‘Em All. This undoubtedly has marketers, entrepreneurs, game designers, and anyone else designing or investing in digital, physical, and hybrid experiences scrambling to discover why Pokémon GO is such a resounding success when so many other augmented and virtual reality activations have fallen flat.

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Written by Designer

How CraftCMS is Winning the Content Management Game

At Digital Surgeons we are well-versed in content management systems of all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen Wordpress evolve from an immature blogging system to the mature publishing platform it is today. We’ve worked with virtually every popular proprietary and open-source content management framework across the board, including Drupal, Joomla, and other similar platforms. We’ve tweaked, configured, and pushed hosted services like SquareSpace and Shopify to their limits, and we’ve tamed enterprise systems like Sitecore, Demandware, and Magento. In recent times, we’ve found ourselves reaching for Expression Engine as a mature, flexible, and adaptable platform for building applications with customized taxonomy and unique templates, and it’s served us very well. But there’s a new kid on the block. One that offers solutions and alternatives to the many issues that CMS platforms of today present. One that brings a breath of fresh air and a yelp of excitement from development teams across the internet. That platform is CraftCMS.

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