The Wonderful Generation

You are a member of the most fortunate generation in the history of mankind, and you don’t even know it. And, it’s not just because of what you have now, but because of what you didn’t have when you were a kid.

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Written by Creative Director

Your Experience is Your Brand

Your brand is only as memorable as the experiences your customers and your users have with it. In the age of the ever-connected consumer, a brand must be more than a logo and a well-documented design system. Because today’s consumer is not only connected but empowered to define which brands they interact with, we must create experiences that captivate, engage, and nurture customers and their buying states throughout every touchpoint in the consumer journey.

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Written by Creative Technologist

Winning IoT Isn’t About the Analytics of Things, It’s About the Analytics of Your Customers

The Analytics of Things (AoT) refers to “new” practices of analytics that are enabled by the streams of data created by IoT devices.

While these are interesting and important concepts when it comes to IoT product design, the companies that are going to “win with analytics” in the consumer IoT space aren’t going to do so purely on sensor data, but on an overall customer data strategy that informs both their product development and marketing activities.

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Written by VP of Marketing & Analytics

Lasting Digital Transformation Is Tech-Powered but Human-Led

Legacy, “analog” organizations are scared — and for a good reason. After all, a meteor of rapid digital change is barreling towards them threatening to destroy everything they’ve built.

But fear not, organizational stakeholder, because it is not technological advancement that wins the digital transformation arms race: It’s an understanding of your consumer.

True digital transformation lies at the intersection of human psychology and tech where the experience of your customer is all that matters.

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Written by Founder

How to Go Beyond the Bot

From Sephora and Barbie, to Burger King, the Washington Post, and Microsoft, brands in varying verticals are building AI bots that can ‘meet’ and be of service to the billions of users on mobile messaging apps and social platforms.

What is driving the rise of the bot, and how can brands go beyond the bot to satisfy today’s consumer?

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Innovate, Don’t Imitate

Creativity in advertising isn’t about playing me-too marketing and keeping up with the Joneses. The value lies in understanding the emerging consumer behavior behind the success of a campaign, and finding innovative ways to activate on it.

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