The Content Management System of The Future

One website, one mobile app…life used to be so simple. We’re now deep into the next phase of the digital landscape and that means mass consumption through multiple channels. Your customers don’t want to search for answers. They want you to deliver answers via any medium they may desire. From websites and apps to bots and connected devices, this is the landscape and you need to be flexible and accessible.

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Turning Clicks into Cash Flow

​At Digital Surgeons, our focus is on using digital investment to drive dollars to the top and bottom line. We understand there’s a big difference between spending more money on digital media and strategically reallocating resources to digital growth investments that drive profits, margin and growth. To help marketers accelerate their growth and maximize their digital marketing investment, we help them understand how to turn an investment in clicks into cash flow.

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Written by VP, Digital Transformation

Three Design Thinking Disruptors

​In the last several years, design thinking’s popularity has skyrocketed as businesses learn the power of creativity to solve business problems. But for over a hundred years innovators have leveraged human centered design to disrupt industries.​ Some businesses have consciously wielded the design thinking process to disrupt while others have seemingly stumbled upon it.

These three organizations have used the principles of design thinking to produce innovative products.

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