US Open

Delivering a Grand Slam.

Client US Open

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The Challenge

The US Open is the premier tennis event in North America. A spectacle unlike any other, The Open spans two weeks in the largest tennis stadium in the world – located in bustling, cosmopolitan New York City. Although the event is televised and advertised, our charge was to boost the number of actual bodies filling the stadium and increase ticket sales for the event.

Group of tennis balls

Our Approach

Digital Surgeons went grassroots and local. To complement the traditional media (OOH and general awareness), we created a digital media plan designed to sell US Open tickets to native New Yorkers by reaching the NY-metro area in the channels they’re already using. Plus, we targeted tourists and visitors, encouraging them to experience one of the prides-and-joys of the Big Apple.

Riding the wave

US Open and Emirates Airlines

Prior to the US Open, Emirates Airlines sponsors a US Open Series leading up to the event. We targeted viewers of this prestigious series, tapping into their love of the game and continuing the good times.

Pre-sales on social

Pre-sale on social

We promoted an exclusive pre-sale with unique unlock codes to create buzz on all major social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SnapChat, and Pinterest. After tickets officially went on sale, we leveraged the local selling power of Living Social to market the Open, reaching users in the tri-state (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) area.

Ready for takeoff

Woman ready for takeoff

Through strategic data partners we were able to identify consumers who had booked flights to NYC during the tournament and serve them US Open digital advertising ‘the place to be’ leading up to their trip.

Go where they go

Check-in at sporting goods store

Using mobile GPS data, we were able to find people who had recently visited tennis courts and sporting goods stores, as well as those who had attended live sporting events.

Tennis, anyone?

Woman reading US Open article

We targeted consumers who indexed high on tennis in social network channels by looking at shares of tennis-related news. Fans of tennis athletes were targeted, and we did look-alike modeling from known ticket buyers.

VIP Targeting

Searching users on linkedin

We leveraged LinkedIn to target consumers based on job title and salaries in NYC-metro area who may be more likely to attend the Open for networking or business purposes.

The Results


Return on Media Investment


New Facebook Likes


Increase in social followers

As the preeminent sports and entertainment spectacular, the US Open strives to deliver innovative campaigns that align well with its brand while supporting its overall marketing objectives. Digital Surgeons quickly learned the unique challenges of our event and developed a host of strategies that delivered outstanding results.