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What if

What if...

We could seamlessly fuse content & commerce to enhance the shopping experience for an American footwear brand?

Sperry was up against a challenge faced by many of today’s fashion and apparel businesses – the quality, style, and rich history that differentiated them had been largely absent from their online shopping experience. Looking to embrace the future of commerce and turn their website into an immersive, content-rich, shoppable digital experience, they partnered with us to help them take the first steps forward in building a digital destination that would invite shoppers to experience the brand in a whole new way.

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We did

We did...

Build a new fully-integrated digital content hub that drove deeper customer engagement & sales for
the DTC experience.

Together, we reimagined the way consumers could experience the brand by arming their team with a future-forward roadmap that kicked off with the launch of an immersive, new blog experience with a direct commerce integration. This destination alone immediately drove a massive increase in sales conversions over the first 3 months — without the support of paid media or active promotion, thus validating the value in a top-of-funnel content channel.

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From Workshop to Visual Experience Mapping

Starting with a co-creation-focused Innovation Workshop, we uncovered a number of disconnects between the digital and product experiences. Taking a deep-dive into the audiences and their journey through the Sperry universe fueled our teams with the knowledge to begin ideating all of the ways in which we could create high-value, transformational changes in the short term, which would ultimately prime Sperry to reach their audiences and engage them in new, innovative ways.

Our First Destination – Reimaginging the Blog.

The “World of Sperry” blog experience soon became a dynamic, SEO-rich content hub that delivers a true fusion of content and commerce, using storytelling, stunning photography, and actual products in their intended environments to increase consideration and drive traffic to check out — making a simple blog experience a viable revenue-generating digital brand asset.

Shoppable Lifestyle Photos via Advanced Custom Fields

This new experience allowed the Sperry team to tell big, timeless adventure stories and to quickly create on-trend content surrounding fashion and style, all while connecting everything back to shoppable product inventory. After being immersed in a story, the shoes and apparel worn can easily be identified through an interactive node and purchased immediately, offering consumers the convenience of quickly finding everything they need to add form and function to their next journey.

Magic Behind the Scenes

On the front end, users can browse stories, read about brand ambassadors, and discover the brand’s history, all while being able to click on photos and shop for the exact product featured within the image. But to make that magic possible, our team of engineers built an intuitive Salesforce Commerce Cloud/ WordPress integration that gave admin users the power to dynamically create landing pages, add shopping nodes or featured products to photos, and edit all content, imagery, and SEO without the need for a developer.

When We Say Mobile First, We Mean Mobile First

Not only was content made shoppable to increase sales opportunity, but shoppable moments were made even more dynamic, intuitive, and enjoyable by taking cues from today’s best-in-class UX patterns, like choosing ‘yes’ with a simple swipe to the right! This way, we turned digital window-shopping into a cart-filling experience to increase the average order value.

Emerging Tech with Conversation Commerce

To truly put Sperry in a position that can stay on the forefront of technology while staying true to the challenge itself, we looked at how we might leverage the emerging trends and technology surrounding voice-activated home devices and IoT. This meant helping Sperry unlock the future of conversational commerce by utilizing Amazon’s growing Alexa platform to connect consumers with the brand in a new and exciting way – creating a personalized conversation and curated sensory experience that could continue to reach new audiences and further expand the Sperry brand experience with another content-rich path to purchase.

The DS team went above and beyond during every stage of the engagement, from our initial planning workshop through the actual execution, enabling us to work quickly and with agility.
– Stacy Goodman, Digital Marketing Manager
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