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What If…

We launched the next evolution in golf tech for a global sports company?

We partnered with Rapsodo to launch the MLM2PRO, the future of mobile launch monitors. Building on the success of the original MLM, Rapsodo integrated and refined the product to meet the needs of core golfers. Our task was to create a disruptive brand experience that could position MLM2PRO as a must-have for those looking to elevate their performance on the course.

We Did

Build a scalable brand, positioning MLM2PRO as next level golf tech.

We began by conducting R&D at the range with a beta version of the product, experiencing its modes, metrics, replays, and simulations. Next, we conducted a comprehensive brand audit of the parent Rapsodo brand, creating a strategic framework for MLM2PRO and Rapsodo Golf. We developed a complete visual identity for the brand and executed various marketing campaigns, including an immersive digital experience, print ads in Golf Digest, paid social media, and other media to support the highly anticipated launch of MLM2PRO.


Originally targeted pre-order goal.
Most successful launch in Rapsodo's history.
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A successful launch started with exploration.

After experiencing the product firsthand, we knew we had to visually showcase its advanced technology. We took a deep dive into Rapsodo’s existing brand and developed a range of visual territories that highlighted its features and gamification. These executions embodied the brand’s focus on improving player performance and taking a new innovative product to market.

team outing
branding exploration
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Establishing and codifying art direction and approach.

We faced tight time constraints to launch the MLM2PRO for a PGA Tour event. Through collaboration with Rapsodo, we made decisions quickly and efficiently, crafting a visual expression for the product that inspired and informed various executions. This effort paved the way for a successful launch and further refinement of the brand direction.

brand expression
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A digital experience as impactful as the product.

MLM2PRO was a game-changer, and we knew it had to be experienced to be believed. We crafted an immersive landing page that enticed pre-orders and led consumers to a redesigned product detail experience. Our goal was to showcase the versatility and power of MLM2PRO, and keep users engaged with its amazing technology for as long as possible.

mlm product detail page
mlm landing page

On the green and putting for eagle.

After a highly successful launch of MLM2PRO, we continued to drive its momentum by leading change with various tactics. We secured placements in Golf Digest’s 2023 Hotlist and Master’s editions to entice golfers gearing up for the season, and began thinking through paid social and presence at flagship retail locations. With its versatile capabilities and solid brand experience, the sky is the limit for this product.

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What’s Next?

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