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What if

What if...

We reimagined the digital brand experience for a legendary guitar brand to better resonate with players of all levels?

If music is the universal language, then PRS Guitars is a master of the dialect. As one of the premier electric guitar manufacturers in the United States, PRS has garnered a reputation for crafting instruments with unparalleled precision, tone, and playability. However, despite their dominance in the industry, their online brand experience is not living up to the standards of their products. With a perception of catering to the wealthy boomer demographic, PRS could revamp its online presence to resonate with a broader audience while still staying true to its roots. This is how we tackled this challenge head-on, creating a digital brand experience that showcases the soul of the brand while providing a seamless user experience for all guitar enthusiasts. Disclaimer: This project was not commissioned or endorsed by PRS Guitars, but was done independently using only publicly available information about the business and industry.

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We did

We did...

We gave the digital shopping experience for guitar players a tune-up that could amplify education and conversion rates for both musicians and dealers.

We understand the importance of delving deep into the industry to truly understand the landscape and the competition. Through a thorough digital audit of PRS’s online presence, we uncovered a host of opportunities to elevate their brand experience to the level of their products. These revelations fueled our passion and informed our redesign process, where we aimed to not only capture a larger share of the audience but also make the guitar-buying process more intuitive and seamless. Our team brainstormed innovative ways to shop for guitars, including creating digital tools that cater to both novice and seasoned players alike. The end result? An experience that showcases PRS’s unparalleled craftsmanship while offering guitar players an experience that’s second to none.

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Modernizing the brand to connect with younger audiences.

The pandemic has seen an unprecedented surge in guitar enthusiasts, with nearly 16 million new players taking up the instrument. With a significant portion of these new players being younger beginners, we recognized the need to adapt PRS’s visual language to capture their attention. To achieve this, we simplified the primary logo, revamped the color palette, updated the typography, and showcased lifestyle imagery of rising stars in the guitar world. The result is a revitalized brand experience that seamlessly blends the classic soul of PRS with a contemporary feel that resonates with a new generation of players. In addition, we optimized the website for mobile, ensuring that users can access the brand experience from their preferred devices, anytime and anywhere.

Improved filtering and comparison shopping between guitar models.

A brand experience must be user-centric, and this extends to the shopping process as well. To that end, we implemented industry-leading e-commerce conventions that empower users to browse guitars by type, color, price, wood selection, and tone. This not only simplifies the shopping experience but also allows for quick and easy comparison shopping at a glance. The result is a seamless shopping experience that caters to players of all skill levels and budget ranges, empowering them to find the perfect guitar that meets their needs and preferences.

Introducing PRS ToneXplorer, a completely new way to compare guitars.

With innovation at heart of DS, we developed ToneXplorer, a revolutionary new feature inspired by stock audio online experiences, which allows users to quickly compare the tones of different guitar models. With just a click or tap on the speaker icon, an audio player opens at the bottom of the browser, providing recorded examples of each guitar and its available range of sounds. Users can select individual pickups and three distinct amp settings, making ToneXplorer a truly interactive feature that helps users find the perfect guitar with ease.

A mobile-first guided guitar buying experience for new and intermediate players.

With so many options available, the guitar-buying process can be daunting, especially for new players. We developed a mobile-first tool to shop for guitars by budget, music genre, and guitar type, helping to reduce choice paralysis and improve conversion. Our ToneXplorer concept was also integrated, creating a media-rich and immersive experience sure to capture the attention of the exploding beginner segment of the market. Together, these innovations help aspiring musicians find their perfect guitar with ease, elevating the online presence of PRS Guitars to the next level.

Elevating the Private Stock experience for high-end buyers.

For higher-end buyers seeking a personalized, white-glove experience, we created a guitar configurator tool that allows players to build their dream guitars to their exact specifications. With options to customize wood selection, inlays, tuners, pickups, and more, users can preview their unique creations in a 3D environment for a realistic view of the final product. Once complete, the user can send their build to a local dealer, empowering them to guide the customer through the rest of the process. This innovative tool provides a truly bespoke experience for discerning guitar buyers,

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