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What If…

We showed the world the other side of insoles

Ever wonder if you could take a product innovation and combine it with existing ones to design demand around entirely new use cases? What if we could further disrupt a market that lacked innovation? And what if we could do it all in the midst of both Covid and peak holiday season sales and promotions?

We Did

Step up an entire industry.

What started as a silicone dual-sided prototype became the new Naboso Duo Insoles, innovating within the insole market. Duo targeted barefoot enthusiasts that cared about maximum levels of foot stimulation in any environment, whether working out or running from one meeting to the next. Digital Surgeons and Naboso partnered together to launch the first of its kind to an audience of active lifestyle enthusiasts who cared about a wide toe box and barefoot sensation, but doing so in a way that compliments the rest of what Naboso was already selling.

  • 118%

    Increase YOY Sales increase of 118% during Q4 in the middle of Covid-19 global pandemic

  • 25%

    Revenue Duo product launch success now accounts for 25% of all product revenue and has become the highest revenue driver for product portfolio.

It’s been an awesome milestone to hit, and one to be celebrated by all. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without our rebrand, website, and awesome digital marketing and strategy.
Dr. Emily Splichal, Founder and CEO

From Prototype to Product Launch

Naboso and Digital Surgeons partnered together to build a brand and its positioning with a brand DNA and a design study. After executing a high impact DTC go-to-market strategy, the foundation was set to take a new product innovation to market. Duo was an entirely new product comprised of silicone and two levels of stimulation. It’s thinner and more flexible, providing a natural barefoot sensation in any shoe or sneaker. The new base material along with the shape of the insole allows more room for the toes to spread, dispersing load, supporting balance and strength, and contributing to overall foot health. It’s reversible and made for everyone and everything. But, consumers needed to know that. They needed to understand the difference between this product and both Activation and Performance Insoles, which Naboso was already selling and having success with. Duo needed to connect with those who favor performance and optimizing their movement, while also serving as the swiss army knife, all-purpose insole to anyone looking for all-purpose versatility.

Duo Packaging Full Width

Establishing a Unique Identity for Naboso Duo Insoles

Digital Surgeons had already worked with Naboso to solidify their brand creative direction along with designing the majority of their packaging, and continuing to create custom photography and video content. With that, the team knew Duo had to stand out. It comes in at a slightly higher price point, offers double the amount of stimulation, is made out of an entirely different material, and it’s reversible. This product needed to feel different from the rest but still feel consistent with the rest of the brand. That meant the packaging needed to feel a bit more premium. The overall art direction and photographic style needed to feel bold and reinforce the product benefits at first sight so consumers knew Duo was unlike anything else from Naboso and, more importantly, the rest of the industry.

Duo Poster and Animation

Simplifying brand messaging to be more disruptive.

Proprioceptive texture science isn’t something that the average consumer understands. Dr. Emily, podiatrist and founder of Naboso, is a wealth of knowledge about the benefits of foot stimulation. Her patented textures have shown to affect balance and gait, strength and stability, and help everyone, ranging from individuals with neurological conditions to elite level athletes. Digital Surgeons aimed to simplify core messaging so that it was both human and direct, while being supplemental to the benefits of Duo. Movement starts at the ground, and the brain has the ability to completely control what it has a strong connection with. Duo solves for that. Activate or perform any time, anywhere.

Capturing sensory foot stimulation through custom photography.

Duo is flatter, more flexible, and reversible, unlike any other insole in the industry. The Digital Surgeons Studio aimed to show Duo in unique ways. The art direction for Duo used neutral background colors complimented by an arresting “Bright Lime” product color. Not only did this serve as the core color of differentiation for this product, but it allowed for the flexibility of experimenting with light and dark exposures, heroing texture and flexibility in unique ways.

Naboso Duo Photography

Designing an experience that moves with purpose.

Digital Surgeons and Naboso had already teamed up together to create an ecommerce experience that was driving increased sales. But, in addition to all the work that was being done for Duo, Naboso needed a more immersive landing experience to introduce the product, create intrigue, and drive conversion. With a media strategy in place and a need for a place to point to, Digital Surgeons designed a one pager experience as an extension of that used the perfect combination of scroll, transition, and experience to tell a meaningful story of the all new Naboso Duo. Art direction, photography, messaging, and user experience design, all came together driving conversion and scooping up an honorable mention from the Awwwards.

Naboso Duo Landing Page

Building a go-to-market strategy made to convert.

With a multi-channel media plan focused on efficient reach and awareness coupled with agile test and learn methodologies, this allowed Digital Surgeons to quickly find the most qualified consumers. As the larger Naboso audience includes many with neurological disorders, the Duo’s value proposition is meant to speak more to a younger, more active crowd. By coupling this testing with the team’s media assets pointing to a unique landing page experience, this allowed for the placement of new pixels to build a new unique audience pool. With this audience data, the newly built funnel strategy paid off relatively quickly through a consistent retargeting approach and relevant paid search terms tailored to those in the consideration mindstate. These efforts helped make Duo the focal point of the Naboso product offering during a very competitive holiday season that saw extensive YoY improvement.

Naboso Duo Social Ads
We hope that you all know how grateful we are to you for all for your hard work. Teaming up with you guys has been one of the best decisions we’ve made by far.
Michael Imperatore, Director of Sales and Strategic Relations

What’s Next?

Bringing Sensory Activation to Hands