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What if

What if...

We could launch a product innovation that lived at the center of immersive connectivity & total comfort?

Lovesac, the home furnishing brand best known for its Sactionals, The World’s Most Adaptable Couch™, had been working on a new, first-of-its-kind innovation backed by a partnership with Harman Kardon that would fundamentally change the way we enjoy connected living from the comfort of our couch. Although a superior product, Sactionals alone have a high learning curve for new customers – add in a new product focused on hidden technology? Now you got yourself a real challenge.

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We did

We did...

Design a virtual showroom and fully integrated digital customer experience to showcase an in-home innovation like no other.

As their digital agency of record, the team at Lovesac called on us to help them conceptualize, shape, and launch a digital experience that could truly live at the heart of a fully integrated launch strategy. What we created is a high-converting, interactive educational experience and successful refactored digital customer journey that through our collective teams' efforts, would continue to yield double-digit sales growth and loyalty for the Lovesac brand.

increase in total sales through digital channels following launch
avg. increase in site conversion rates compared to previous site experience
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Conducting in store immersion to create an effective, benefits-driven narrative.

If creating story-driven, digital experiences for Sactionals has taught us anything, it’s that a product’s biggest strength can also be its biggest challenge when it comes to educating audiences on all of its key benefits surrounding adaptability. With StealthTech, we effectively added another dimension to how and what we would need to communicate in one digestible experience. If we were going to build a virtual showroom for the new product innovation, we had to consider the physical showroom experience. We began by observing and understanding how sales teams successfully navigated customers through the traditional Sactional shopping experience, educating and curating the most important benefits for each customers’ preferences and lifestyle, and building a narrative structure that could seamlessly incorporate the StealthTech story within that.

Mapping key touchpoints to introduce StealthTech to shoppers within the digital customer journey.

Although we believe in-person immersion is incredibly important to conceptualizing any digital experience, we would be remiss to not carefully analyze the treasure trove of insights that clickstream data from the existing site would offer as well. Working with the consumer insights team at Lovesac, we were able to conduct a rich cohort analysis and build a touchpoint map to inform all key entry points that introduce Stealthtech within user flows across the broader site experience.

Balancing promotion, education, & commerce through user experience design

When it came down to it, we knew the new StealthTech digital showroom experience and the refreshed Sactionals education page would be core to a large portion of our paid media efforts. This means we’d need to strike a smart balance of educational content, easy navigation, and conversion points throughout the experience.

Looking to some of the early focus group testing data, we were able to construct a user experience that could give users the freedom to jump around and learn more about the features that mattered most to them, making sure they were still exposed to the key selling points of StealthTech from the couch itself to the companion app. Most importantly, we needed to be able to steer users to a primary point of conversion on their terms, whether it is directly into the customizer experience to purchase or upgrade their Sactional, or to visit a physical showroom to experience the magic for themselves where the sales team would be able to pick up where we left off and close the deal.

Dynamic microinteractions for showcasing a truly dynamic product experience

Hearing about how incredible StealthTech is is one thing, but if we’re being honest, the moment you experience it for yourself, you’ll never consider another couch again. From there, the possibilities are endless for how you can build, expand, or customize it to fit your own lifestyle or living space.We needed to find a way to capture that same feeling onsite for those who wouldn’t be able to easily get to a showroom or visit a friend that had one. By embedding various micro-interactions throughout the experience, we were able create small moments for users to get a taste of the surprise and delight we felt ourselves – from putting on the “x-ray vision” to see the inner workings of StealthTech, to the conal sound waves, to the touch interactions of the app. Each piece is designed to immerse you deeper into the brand’s essence of premium cinematic technology that’s transforming home entertainment and comfort as we know it. Invisible really is beautiful.

An educational experience that comes full circle to fully integrate StealthTech

We had the privilege of creating the very first immersive, educational experience for Sactionals – one that would be used to support sales teams at major retailers and showrooms, and be one of the highest converting, most frequented pages on the current Lovesac site. With the arrival of StealthTech, we had the opportunity to amplify and expand this experience for users as well: hijacking what was previously the “outro” animation sequence to invite visitors to experience the next evolution in adaptability and total comfort.

Working with Digital Surgeons is always a pleasure. They are A-Players, innovative and extremely collaborative. So proud of what we have been able to accomplish over the years. The Stealth launch is a testament to that. Amazing job. Can’t wait to see what we create next.
– Lovesac Team
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