High Fashion Meets Global Ecommerce Technology


Localised, the first technology and startup hybrid to offer “Global Ecommerce as a Service,” provides a full-funnel, turn-key platform for brands looking to sell internationally. With a fast paced launch on the horizon, they partnered with us to create a visually arresting brand identity and digital experience that could give their business the marketing momentum it needed to start driving demand.


Through co-creation and an agile ways of working, we delivered a digital-first brand experience that poised the Localised team to successfully enter and disrupt the Global Ecommerce Marketplace.


  • Campaign Development
  • Naming & Positioning
  • Visual Identity Evolution
  • Website Design & Development

A digital-first design language fit for the world.

In developing an identity for a brand that’s touching everything from the marketing efforts to the sales and distribution within specific markets, we needed to make sure that the everything, right from the logo itself had an element of ubiquity. We sourced inspiration from global elements like location pins and packages to locations themselves to use as the foundation for a scalable brand system.


Designing the Future of Global Ecommerce

Positioning a Platform as a Service (PaaS) brand to successfully attract customers in both fashion and lifestyle means looking the part. Aesthetically speaking, Localised is a true convergence of fashion-forward fluid design. It plays exceptionally well by creating a premium, high-impact art direction that excels at visually communicating what the platform actually looks and feels like for the end customer. Underpinned by the message of localization itself, we were able to reimagine some of the most common digital conventions in new compelling, interactive ways – everything from the brand’s initial masthead carousel to its content-aware footer.


Co-creation-led & component-based user experience design.

Creating a strategically sound world-class brand experience is one thing, but designing it in a way that could be quickly developed and managed by Localised’s internal development team called for a more progressive way of working. Our upfront co-creation and sprint-based workflow let us rapidly prototype and test the components needed for the digital experience in a fraction of the time typically needed to produce custom web builds.


Two user journeys, one clear path to conversion.

As part of the design sprint process, we defined and designed the user experience for the future site. Even with the tenure and expertise of the Localised team’s executive leadership, launching the brand successfully called for a high converting digital experience that could fit the bill as both a top-of-funnel sales tool and a means for attracting and recruiting top talent to scale the Localised team itself.