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What if

What if...

We could transform EVO
into the cultural nexus for the fighting game community both online
and offline?

Evolution Championship Series, or EVO, as it's known within the gaming world – is the single, largest fighting game event globally. A multi-tournament, multi-day experience with a hyper passionate community of attendees unlike any other, EVO has been an ever-growing focal point of esports since 2008. Despite the hype and success of the event itself year over year, the team recognizes the potential EVO truly has; to extend it's reach and influence throughout the entire fighting gaming community by creating a new fully, connected digital brand experience that can seamlessly connect the ecosystem year-round.

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We did

We did...

Craft a record-breaking, experience that could serve as a new digital foundation for EVO moving forward.

Through a fast-moving, air tight collaboration with the extended EVO team, we were able to craft and launch a new digital experience together that not only, strengthened the registration journey for the event itself, but also the gave the team a better capability to manage, publish, and syndicate content around surrounding it – providing EVO with a digital destination that could begin to facilitate even greater connections and conversations throughout the wider fighting game community.

Increase in Player Registration
Players Registered to Compete
Increase in Returning Users
Monthly Website Users
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Creating a bespoke experience using Webflow.

Understanding the significance of streamlined content management with the need to make real-time updates, we equipped EVO with a tailor-made Webflow site. Leveraging the power of low code solutions, our team orchestrated a rapid design and development cycle, swiftly bringing EVO's vision to life for their upcoming 2023 event, while building a foundation that would allow the team to begin to scale their efforts across any number of future events. The result was an intuitive interface that enabled EVO to update and curate content as needed. Seamlessly blending design and functionality, our approach ensured that EVO could maintain a dynamic online presence, poised to shine during the live event in Las Vegas, while accounting for "what happens next" once the event wrapped and all champions have been named.

Driving ticket sales and player registration.

Beyond aesthetically upgrading the experience; we strategically engineered the site to captivate users and drive conversion, wherever they were at in their journey. Given our launch window ahead of the main event in Vegas, we built a series of dynamic user flows that could ultimately funnel visitors towards ticket purchases and event registrations. The result? A record-breaking year in ticket sales.

Enhancing both in-venue and remote site utility.

A main part of our strategy was designing an experience that could transcend the physical limitation of attendance. For on-site attendees, we introduced an interactive floor map on the website, ensuring effortless navigation and exploration. Simultaneously, we developed a custom web application that enabled remote viewers to access live schedules and multi-stage streaming. This two-pronged strategy effectively enabled us to bring the event to life, regardless of the viewer's location.

EVO (Evolution Championship Series) Schedule and Watch Page
EVO (Evolution Championship Series) Venue Map
Dynamic site takeovers with the flip of a switch.

Leveraging Webflow's native CMS feature, we revolutionized EVO's marketing and sponsorship capabilities. The platform's dynamic nature allowed us to easily create and manage captivating brand marketing campaigns and website takeovers. This approach ensured that the EVO team could create additional value for partners while dynamically engaging its audience during high traffic times throughout the entire run of show.

EVO (Evolution Championship Series) 2023 Record Breaking Event
It's been a pleasure working with DS and their team on the latest version of evo.gg. They've created a great new consumer journey for our fans while helping us develop new tools that will empower the future of Evo's brand.
Richard "The Hadou" Thiher — General Manager
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