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What if

What if...

We helped a startup drive the entire golf category forward?

Fresh off a round of venture capital funding, the founders of tech start-up Golfkick came to us with a small team of innovators, engineers, rocket scientists (no, seriously), a prototype, and the goal to change the game of golf through connected technology. Their ambition? To address the biggest challenge golfers face: self-improvement.

Many players wind up spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to improve their golf game, only to find mixed results. That insight laid the foundation for our challenge: set the stage for revolutionary, connected golf club sensors – paired with a mobile app, designed to disrupt a centuries-old game. All we needed was a name, a brand, a responsive website, a launch video, and a go-to-market strategy that would introduce a never-before-seen technology to break through the noise of a saturated industry.

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We did

We did...

A polished brand identity, experience, and go-to-market execution that drove next-level demand.

Working with our insights and long-standing love affair with statistics, we dug deep into the golf industry psyche. Through our extensive research of the golfer, the consumer, the retailer, and the competition, we were able to deliver a brand identity, position, and fully-integrated launch experience that drove a surge of demand for retailers and consumers alike. All of this led to thousands of preorders secured across 800 retailers, and today Arccos is collecting awards left and right for its innovative technology, including the “Most Innovative Product of the Year” Award presented by American Golf.

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What’s in a name? Everything.

We teed off the engagement by bringing our collective teams together for an intense, highly interactive design sprint focused on co-creating a solid brand position and platform from which all creative could be extended. In short order, we had transformed what the team had called “Golfkick” into a conceptually-rich brand we’d name “Arccos” – after the radian measure of the arc on a circle. With the name also emerged a shared, unified brand vision, mission, and messaging strategy, which ultimately led to the development of the brand’s identity and visual aesthetic. The result? A premium brand that could invoke a very real, strong emotional tie to golfers’ aspirations to improve their game.

Designing a one-of-a-kind brand identity.

When it came to designing the logo for Arccos, we knew we wanted to give it a look that represented the premiere feel and functional capabilities of the product at the same time. With that in mind, we combined the look of a data line to reflect Arccos’ data tracking, small circles that represent its connective technology, and a crown that symbolizes its goal of improving players’ games to land on the distinct look that is now the Arccos logo.

From guidelines and playbooks to a fully-connected brand experience.

Ensuring the Arccos brand could seamlessly extend across all platforms and channels was paramount during our design process. To make these efforts fast and fluid for the Arccos team to design and implement themselves, we developed an in-depth set of brand guidelines and playbooks to serve as a future-proof north star for the brand to scale efficiently and effectively.

Earning shelf space with eye-catching packaging.

Successfully gaining shelf space for Arccos in stores like Apple, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, and pro shops around the nation required careful consideration for every detail of the design. The result is a truly unique look: an all-black beveled box and 3-tiered inner tray that lends the product the premium feel we strived for, creating an exciting unboxing experience for consumers.

Bringing Arccos athletic merch to life.

Every golfer, whether they’re a scratch or 20 handicap, knows that part of the game is looking good and feeling comfortable while they play. Taking cues from our Arccos brand and packaging design, we successfully translated the look and feel to golf polos and hats, ensuring visibility and awareness of the brand beyond the shelves and app itself, and giving golfers everywhere some new swag to add to their weekend wardrobe.

Capturing the convergence of product and brand through photography.

Golf is a social sport by nature, but in many ways it’s the inner game that a player is trying to master. We imagined a “black world” concept for lifestyle imagery, suggesting the inner game and creating a sleek, modern aesthetic, which differentiates the brand from its competitors. Paired with beautiful product shots, the imagery showcases Arccos as a lifestyle-focused product with impressive technology, industrial design, and high-quality construction.

A digital experience designed for engagement.

A rich digital experience that works across all devices was instrumental in driving awareness and telling a captivating story with the product. We needed the audience to feel inspired by this new technology and to fully immerse themselves in the experience. The responsive website featured informative copy, illustrative animation, as well as lifestyle and product imagery that drove excitement and provided educational value, building demand during and after preorder. We also worked to develop a comprehensive digital content strategy, which led to the creation of a robust editorial calendar and media strategy that ran throughout all major social channels, connecting directly to the golfer’s lifestyle and personalizing the brand while increasing engagement.

Mobile first from product to brand.

Today, a digital experience is measured by its functionality and performance on mobile devices, which means how fast you can get to what you need in a single swipe or a tap. For a connected product and technology that was inherently a mobile experience, taking a mobile-first approach to the design process surrounding the brand itself was critical for creating a seamless and holistic experience. As a result, we delivered a mobile experience that isn’t just visually striking – it’s also intuitive, easy-to-use, and highly valuable to Arccos users in their quest to improve their game, and has led to Arccos being honored by MyGolfSpy and SCOREGolf Magazine as a leader in data and artificial intelligence technology.

Promoting Arccos with video content featuring 4-time PGA tour winner, Billy Horschel.

Horschel famously won the 2014 FedEx Cup, beating Jim Furyk and Rory McIlroy by three strokes after beginning the tournament in 69th place. What does Horschel use to prepare for all of his PGA tournaments? Arccos. Horschel uses Arccos during practice rounds to make sure he knows every detail he possibly can about his game leading up to a real round of competitive tournament golf. This was a perfect opportunity for us to partner with Billy and hit the green down in sunny southern Florida to shoot and produce a series of TV and video spots that could keep up momentum through launch and continue to drive awareness of the brand through a highly-influential, highly-authentic pro.

It is my view that in order to create something truly revolutionary, one needs to be completely emotionally vested in the creation. And that is exactly what I got from Digital Surgeons. I truly felt I wasn't in it alone - DS was in it with me all the way. I couldn't ask for anything more.
– Sal Syed, CEO of Arccos
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