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Transform Your Business with Design Thinking

Unlock innovation at your organization through the principles and processes of design thinking, and begin solving complex business problems faster than ever before.

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Divergent Thinking

Uniform groups produce uniform thinking, and uniform thinking produces weak, myopic solutions to problems. Digital Surgeons’ design thinking approach amplifies creativity by putting diverse and cross-functional teams together in divergent thinking exercises, such as brainstorming sessions. In just a short time, these teams are able to generate a score of ideas for potential solutions.

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Convergent Thinking

It’s great to have a lot of ideas, but ideas alone won’t change your company. After generating numerous ideas, we work together with your team to synthesize them so that we can find the optimum solution. Taking into consideration your organization, customers, timeline, budget and employee resources, convergent thinking brings us to the single most creative – and realistic – solution to your problem.

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Transformative Outcomes

Molding the chaos of creativity into a viable business idea requires a codified approach like design thinking. The solutions that Digital Surgeons creates for your business will permanently transform and enhance the way your organization operates – from innovation methods and product design to business management and creative problem solving.

See how Design Thinking helped Dale Carnegie

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Real World Applications

Design thinking has led to the creation and advancement of some of the world’s most innovative products and business models. Digital Surgeons’ user-centered approach to understanding the needs of our clients’ customers has been the driving force behind highly successful CPG products, state-of-the-art B2B service offerings, and enhanced business models, digital experiences, and organizational programs across all industries.

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Pete Sena

Well-versed in all aspects of design, technology, and business, CEO Pete Sena is an industry leader in design thinking. In addition to helping startups and Fortune 50s through design thinking workshops, Pete’s presented on the topic at PepsiCo, LEGO, and Yale University.

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Joe Pilcavage

Our Head of Creative, Joe Pilcavage, is a veteran in marketing, design, and strategy. And when it comes to design thinking, Joe not only helps lead workshops with our clients, he also teaches the subject as a professor at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT.

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We’ve led design thinking initiatives for startups, institutions, and global businesses including:


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