Innovation and invention are often used interchangeably. They shouldn’t be. Invention is making something new. Innovation is using things that exist in new ways to provide a benefit.

Some of our forward-thinking clients:

Is it great? Is it average?
Is it the one?

Ideas for innovation and invention both start at the same place, “What if?” There are millions of "what if" moments. Everyone has them. But not everyone knows what great ideas look like, or what to do with them. We do. We use Experience, Awareness, and Expertise to create lasting connections with people.

Innovation consulting and strategy

Innovative Ideas are nothing without execution

An innovation agency knows how to execute in both senses of the word – when to nurture, and when to pull the plug. It comes from experience and the ability to face facts when an idea just isn’t makeable. We look at everything – the idea, the client’s appetite for collaboration, and the budget – to see just how far we might go together.

Innovation consulting and strategy

Disrupting the industry, not the golfer.

Arccos Golf

What if an entrepreneur, an engineer, and a rocket scientist walked into DS with a prototype? No joke, it happened. And it was the beginning of a strategic partnership to name, brand, and launch a passively powerful, connected technology designed to revolutionize the game of golf.

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What's going on in the world?

Call it trend watching, behavioral psychology, societal influence, but remember that it's all about people. Understanding, through observation and data, what people want, do, need, like, use, laugh at – what people connect to emotionally – is where our consumer awareness drives game-changing innovation in communication strategy.

Innovation consulting and strategy

Making sense of scents.

Kringle Candle

What if you could match candle scents to your preferences and mood? To make scent selection simpler, we created a database of descriptions for each scent, and designed a 3-step mood evaluator for consumers that, when completed, presents them with a selection of mood-matching scents.

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Innovation exists at the intersection of ideas and expertise

The happiest of innovation accidents are triggered by diverse thinking from a team whose disciplines, cultures, educations, ages, and passions are dissimilar. Diversity among our team gives us a variety of perspectives. After all, innovation is all about seeing things differently.

Celebrating #PrimeColor.

Nexxus Color Assure

What if we could capture that happy salon moment and make it last just a little bit longer? How could we possibly extend that moment and make it social by design? Thousands of women celebrated locking in their color by embracing Nexxus Color Assure and memorializing it in an iconic selfie contest for all ages, long before Ellen and the Oxford Dictionary were on the selfie kick, we brought this micro behavior to Unilever for one kick-ass promotion.

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