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Using Content Therapy to Learn How to Create Great Content

June 19, 2020
Digital Surgeons

*Image courtesy of Joe Pilcavage, Head of Creative, Digital Surgeons

As human connection through conversation continues through online and virtual mediums, Pete Sena, co-founder and CCO of Digital Surgeons co-hosted another awesome 4:4:4 zoom conversation on “content therapy,” with Impact’s editorial director, Liz Moorehead.

You’re probably asking yourself,

“What’s content therapy?"

Trust me, so was I when I first met Liz last May, then she explained to me how she became a self-proclaimed content therapist and told me why she loves Ernest Hemingway so much, one of her biggest inspirations and influences.

What’s content therapy, why’s it matter to me? (The abbreviated answer)

When speaking to people and trying to write for, or with them, Liz wasn’t getting what she wanted. She came up with content therapy to create a method and approach. Basically a recurring “therapy” session where she can explain and teach someone how to master these 3 vital skills.

  1. How to tell a personal story
  2. How to use a conversational tone
  3. How to leverage asides or references that call-back to an interest or something that’s captivating

A group of strategists, storytellers and writers of all backgrounds joined us for Liz and Pete’s content therapy 4:4:4. We all came together to learn how to level up our storytelling and content capabilities, by removing roadblocks and embracing vulnerabilities.

I think Liz’s reflection and application of Ernest Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory captures her work, her personality, and how anyone can benefit from content therapy.

“The words and sentiments are so very simple. But they’re a concise expression of emotions that are timeless and universal.”

Ernest Hemingway’s Iceberg theory conceptualizes an Iceberg is such a powerful force because of the 80% you don’t see. What you do see is words, tonality and body language, but what you don’t see is beliefs, values, experiences, dreams and feelings.

See you next time!-Kyle

Listen to the full episode:

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