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Meet the LOHAS Consumer

October 26, 2015
Digital Surgeons

LOHAS consumers are the largest customer segment you’ve never heard of.

Estimated to be a 290 Billion dollar market, LOHAS (pronounced low-ha-s) is an acronym for lifestyles of health and sustainability.  

It encompasses products and services related to health, the environment, social justice, personal development, and sustainable living in the following sectors, personal health, green building, eco-tourism, natural lifestyles, alternative transportation, alternative energy, and socially responsible investing.

Who are they?

While more than a quarter of all adults can be defined as LOHAS consumers, it is by no means a marketing buzzword designed to fit as many targets as possible under its umbrella—there are very specific values associated with their worldview:

  • love of nature and a deep concern about its preservation.
  • strong awareness of planet-wide issues like climate change and poverty.
  • a desire to live an active lifestyle.
  • willingness to spend more money for goods that improve the environment or help them meet health goals.  
  • concerned with big business and the means they use to generate profits, including destroying the environment and exploiting poorer countries.
  • volunteer for one or more causes.
  • support spending more money on education, community development programs, and the support of a more ecologically sustainable future.
  • like people, places, and things that are different or exotic.

Why should I care?

When Chipotle eliminated all the GMOs in the ingredients found in its 1,700 locations, it’s because of the LOHAS consumer. When CVS stopped selling cigarettes and welcomed a $2 Billion dollar loss in revenue? LOHAS. Diet Pepsi eliminating aspartame from its formula? LOHAS.

Some of the world’s largest brands are taking action that addresses the increasing number of consumers that care about how products affect both their bodies and the world around them.

In today’s interconnected world that breaks down traditional barriers, consumers are less anchored to demographics than ever. Where and when you are born, your gender, your income, family status—all of this is being rendered irrelevant by the communities people are able to build around what they believe in.

It’s irrefutable that consumers increasingly believe in health and sustainability brands that talk the talk and walk the walk, today’s savvy consumer can sniff out manipulation a mile away.

Don’t be afraid to give, you’ll find that you’ll get a lot in return—and do a lot of good in the process.  

Contact us and learn how we can help you build a brand the LOHAS consumer can believe in.  

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Digital Surgeons
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