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5 Reddit-Enabled Tools to Boost Your Marketing Across All Platforms

June 27, 2019
Digital Surgeons

Reddit is a marketer's gold mine... if you know how to use the tools tap into it. Explore these free tools and get creative with the insights they may deliver around your brand.

Keyworddit | Free

Keyworddit is a free tool that extracts keywords from subreddits by examining post titles and comments. Simply enter the subreddit you’d like to index, and it spits out a list of long-tail keywords and seed keywords that you might not have found any other way.

TrackReddit | Free Trial and Paid Options

TrackReddit touts itself as a social listening tool for Reddit. It provides advanced Reddit monitoring services through real-time tracking and alerts when your keyword or phrase is mentioned. Explore their robust campaign tracking options, alert, and results delivery options, and the TrackReddit API capabilities. Give the TrackReddit free account a spin.

Reddit Metrics | Free

Reddit Metrics is a tool for tracking statistics of over one million Reddits and discovering the fastest growing communities on Reddit. Gain insight into what is trending on Reddit, which can give you a pulse on your audience or fodder for fresh content ideas.

SnoopSnoo | Free

Gain insights into specific Reddit users. This tool will help you connect with users who fall into your established user personas to help boost your ability to connect and engage with your audience on a deeper level.

Subreddit Target Discovery | Free

There are over 45,000 subreddits, with new ones being created every day. Fortunately, the Delay for Reddit launched a new feature to help find the perfect subreddit to market your products and services. The tool analyzes hundreds of subreddits and gives you a ranked score based upon the number of subscribers and relevance of the topic.

Hungry for more ways to tap into this rich platform? Read our take on how to leverage Reddit as a Social Listening Tool for your brand.  

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