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Redesigning How Brands Meet Influencers

Xomad’s cutting-edge influencer technology eschews “hired gun” professionals in favor of a vast network of true trendsetters. This generates hundreds of millions of impressions for brands like Unilever and Showtime. But their digital marketing didn’t reflect their progressive platform. So they had us completely reimagine and redesign their digital brand experience in order to quickly drive lead generation and conversions.


Despite being the first influencer-led marketing agency, paving the way for how today’s brands connect with consumers, Xomad’s struggled to stand out from a growing list of competitors. Even though their networks, philosophy, and technology are unmatched, a conversion-centric transformation was needed to once again emerge as the proven industry leader.


Built on an initial 4-week Design Sprint, Digital Surgeons brought Xomad’s unrealized vision to life, crafting a new mobile-first digital experience, increasing incoming traffic for those looking for influencer partners, and inspiring those yet to discover the power of social influencers. With this exciting new visual identity, inbound marketing, and content strategy, Xomad immediately saw an increase in leads generated, supported by a strategy for continued progress and growth.



Increase in Digital Lead Generation


Sustained by their reputation and effectiveness with existing brand partners, Xomad was lacking a unique and memorable brand system needed to compete with, and stand out from, emerging competitors. The name Xomad meant nothing to potential new leads. That’s why a Design Sprint was initiated with the goal of using branding to make the name Xomad synonymous with influencer marketing.

Design Sprint

The first 2-week Agile Design Sprint was crafted for transparency, shared goals, and speed. In it, we quickly explored the existing brand, business, and consumers, all while collaborating and aligning with the Xomad team. This fast, iterative approach visualized the Xomad brand, which came to life initially through Xs & Os — a familiar pairing representing the relationship between influencers and brands’ consumers. Then, we took that thinking and strapped it to a rocket ship.

Digital Experience

With a reimagined look & feel for the brand, the new Xomad was introduced to the world through an overhauled, mobile-first digital experience, which offers a more conversion-centric online destination for telling the Xomad story while effectively capturing leads and generating new business opportunities.

Content Strategy

Furthering the bold new digital experience, templating capabilities allowed for the easy adding of new pages and content by the Xomad team themselves in support of the experiences’ new SEO-optimized inbound marketing strategy. With monthly SEO reporting and optimization, and key recommendations for ongoing content creation, the Xomad team was better equipped to develop topics & articles for growing visibility and an increase in qualified leads.


By quickly working together to reimagine the Xomad brand and experience, Xomad has furthered its reputation as the industry leaders, while also generating unprecedented new demand. Their team is now better equipped to engage new brands and influencers with content and human-centered stories that help tell the impactful stories Xomad facilitates. And together, we’ve helped Xomad evolve into the brand and business they knew they were capable of being — the best at what they do.

As one of the world’s oldest influencer companies who has hired many digital agencies, I can confidently say Digital Surgeons is #1. Their team is the smartest and most cutting edge group of digital architects i’ve ever met.

Rob Perry, CEO & Founder of Xomad


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