Sports Nutrition to the World.

Client Sportika

Vertical Sport & Fitness

The Challenge

The rapidly evolving brand of Sportika Exports needed an updated identity to reflect its progressive movement. As the industry leader and expert in international sports nutrition, few brands can match Sportika’s level of experience, know-how, and customer service. Unfortunately, their 20-year-old logo and identity did not reflect the company’s modern company culture, nor its future brand goals.

Our Approach

As with all branding projects, we started with research into the industry’s competitive space as well as the look and feel of the products that Sportika carries. We wanted a mark that could fit in well within the space, while being completely unique. For inspiration our creative team also looked at aspirational brands outside of the industry like Nike, Puma, Under Armour and Apple for their simplicity and timeless logos.


The brand had strong equity among its current consumers as “Sportika”. We chose to remove remove “Export” from the name to give the brand a more confident, simplistic mark.


We wanted the Sportika logo to be as unique as the brand itself. We developed a custom typeface that’s modern, progressive, and sleek.

Apparel and Collateral

We then developed an icon that could be used in various mediums, from signage to apparel. We knew that we wanted an icon that could stand on its own, as well as within the full logo lockup. The slanted “S” icon represents the name Sportika, but can also be seen as and “E” giving a slight nod to the legacy of the brand.


Finally, we crafted a tagline that speaks directly to what Sportika does. Put simply: Sports nutrition to the world.

The Results

Digital Surgeons understood the concept and knocked it out of the park. I’m proud to stand behind this amazing mark because it’s a reflection of our company. It’s sexy, it’s progressive, it’s modern, it’s simple, and most importantly it's powerful. Thanks again DS, I’m proud to be partners with such a cutting edge marketing team.