RE:New Haven

Building a Better Community.

Client City of New Haven

Vertical Economic Development

The Challenge

Economic Development is a hot topic these days and presents many challenges. What brings talent to a city? Lifestyle? School systems? Jobs? Housing inventory? All of the above?

The City of New Haven and the Livable City Initiative (LCI) approached us with these questions and the makings of a program that could help drive home ownership and first-time home buyers into the city. In the past the city had tried to launch home buyer incentive programs, but they often lacked a meaningful narrative and a strong communication plan.

Our Approach

The Digital Surgeons team worked with the City to revamp existing programs to better suit young professionals and to help drive awareness. We developed a program that united several initiatives under one cohesive brand: Re:New Haven. The new program entices young professionals to re:consider buying a home in New Haven, re:novate their home in New Haven, and to receive re:imbursement for college tuition.

The Programs

By debuting the program to prominent figures in the real estate community, we helped promote the program to active homebuyers through a strategy of influencer outreach.

The Website


To bring Re:new Haven to life and to provide a cohesive and unique home for the program, we created a beautiful, responsive microsite.

The Results

The response has exceeded our expectations. Even before any promotion to the public, website traffic steadily increased month-to-month. Hundreds of potential homebuyers have reviewed the programs. The site has had a double digit conversion rate and the overall public sentiment has been outstanding.


Qualified Traffic


Conversion Rate