Creating the next revolution.

Client Numark

Vertical Consumer Electronics

The Challenge

Numark was releasing one of the most significant products in company history, the NS6. The NS6 represented a big step in bridging the gap between pro DJ’s and hobbyist musicians, introducing accessible hardware with a high level of sophistication to a large audience. This truly revolutionary hardware needed a fully integrated campaign to effectively reach that audience.

Our Approach

We approached the NS6 launch from multiple angles. First, we established a multi-channel online campaign. Digital elements included an interactive microsite, social branding and content strategy, and a comprehensive online advertising campaign.


Social Strategy

Video Production

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Lastly, we threw an exclusive Mission:Control NS6 launch party with music professionals and members of the press to further create buzz around the NS6 launch. Prominent DJ’s such as Funkmaster Flex, Grand Wizard Theodore, and Jazzy Joyce were on hand at one of NYC’s hottest clubs. We helped promote the party by designing custom Mission:Control t-shirts and a limited edition Nike sneaker for the event.

The Results

The campaign was highly successful and represented a sea change for Numark’s overall marketing efforts. We managed to achieve high engagement through digital, social, and PR efforts. The Numark team saw a direct lift in sales from these efforts, helping make the NS6 their most successful launch ever.


Video Views

The best product launch we've had to date.

Adam Cohen

VP Business Development, InMusic brands