NuGo Nutrition

Raising the bar for dark chocolate.

Client NuGo Nutrition

Vertical Consumer Packaged Goods

The Challenge

NuGo came to us in search of a cohesive brand message & compelling digital presence. Working closely with the company’s founders, we were able to capture the essence of their vision and help them tell NuGo’s unique story and spread the word about their superior product. We accomplished this by establishing a unified brand message across all channels that highlighted their most delicious differentiator: coating their protein bars in real dark chocolate.

Our Approach

The first goal of our new partnership was to understand both the brand as well as the buying habits of today’s consumer. With this objective in mind, we performed a robust digital, social, and content audit. The information we gathered led to insights that allowed us to refresh all aspects of NuGo’s brand, as well as design highly visual content to engagingly tell their story and highlight brand benefits.

Branding Strategy and Refresh

Through a deeper understanding of their target consumer we breathed new life into this decade-old brand by redesigning their existing identity. Using vibrant, approachable colors across all touchpoints, the new visual language entices consumers to try one of NuGo’s six protein bar lines.

Website and Digital E-commerce Experience

We crafted a lifestyle-oriented, fully responsive HTML5 powered user experience that puts NuGo’s compelling proposition and visuals at the center. Instead of heavy messaging or a cumbersome digital journey, users are now met with imagery of mouth-watering natural ingredients, people enjoying active lifestyles, and of course, NuGo’s delicious protein bars.

Social Media

Given the level of competition in the protein bar and consumer packaged goods market, driving awareness was paramount for NuGo. That’s why Digital Surgeons created a cohesive brand identity with a relevant and relatable feel on Social Media, engaging users and helping to build a community of loyalists and fanbassadors. Thanks to our clear social strategy, fans can count on NuGo to consistently deliver highly informative, relevant, and engaging content.

Packaging Reimagined

Coming soon to a Costco near you: NuGo’s all-new, completely redesigned in-store display, outer box, and wrappers. We conducted extensive qualitative and market research to ensure that NuGo stood out amongst its competitors in the extremely crowded protein and snack bar aisle. This latest design iteration offers a streamlined journey from awareness to purchase at every step of the buyer’s path to purchase.

Brand Awareness

In an effort to extend the brand beyond digital, we’ve begun designing and syndicating several pieces of out-of-home collateral. These ads were featured in Lifetime Fitness, an upscale fitness franchise, in order to measure the effect of on-site messaging in driving purchases.

The Results

NuGo Nutrition is increasingly becoming a household name and the go-to protein bar for the LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) community. We are redefining Nutrition-to-Go and unwrapping the truth around the Dark Chocolate deception that consumers are met with on shelf and online by competitors. Since partnering with Digital Surgeons, NuGo has experienced results that would make anyone’s mouth water.

The updated web experience has seen significant increases in time on-site and average order value via e-commerce, as well as a significant decrease in the bounce rate. Facebook and Instagram communities have grown +250% and social engagement has increased dramatically.

1.75 Million

Bars Eaten


Social Community Growth


Average Order Value