Kringle Candle

Redefining the Commerce of Scent.

Client Kringle Candle

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The Challenge

We were tasked modernizing the eCommerce experience and reimagining the digital aesthetic of the Kringle Candle brand. A mobile-first relaunch of Kringle’s online presence was to coincide with the opening of their newest retail location in Stamford, CT in the Summer of 2014. Our challenge was to elevate and modernize the brand, appeal to a wider demographic, and increase sales through a superior user experience.

Our Approach

More than ever, today’s digitally savvy consumer is quick to abandon an eCommerce site that doesn’t offer a fast, seamless path to purchase. That’s why the cornerstone of our strategy was creating a modern eCommerce experience that offers users multiple ways to browse and search. The new site is fully integrated with their internal fulfillment systems, increasing efficiency. The HTML5 responsive design provides an optimal user experience via touch, click, or gesture, ensuring that the scent experience is as pleasing on devices as it is on shelves.

A Brand Facelift

We not only built a new website for Kringle, we transformed the brand’s look and feel. Simple, sophisticated, and elegantly modern, this new brand image was created to resonate more powerfully with a wider target demographic. The aesthetic carried over into other elements of the brand, including typography, product photography, and served as inspiration for the design of new Kringle retail stores.

Responsive Shopping


It’s difficult to sell a fragrance product when the customer isn’t able to smell it first. We overcame this challenge by matching our scent descriptions with modern, high-end photographs to evoke sense memories for the viewer. This ranged from aspirational lifestyle photography that evoked the sensations and memories of smell, scent notes brought to life with cues that teased the senses, and product shots that interwove the clean, modern aesthetic with themed décor.

3D Rendering

For optimal workflow and consistency, we created photorealistic 3D renderings of Kringle Candles rather than relying on manual product photography to represent their hundreds of products. With the renderings, we were able to achieve a photorealistic appearance with 100% consistency in lighting, positioning, and angle. For a company with an ever-expanding, highly seasonal inventory, the ability to repurpose the assets for multiple future needs with minimal setup is both convenient and streamlines their merchandising opportunities.

Socially Connected

Kringle customers love to rave about their favorite scents. Our research revealed the Kringle audience indexes high on Pinterest sharing, as well as exhibits strong growth and adoption rate on Facebook. Social API integration allows Kringle advocates to spread the word via social, as well as share directly with friends. Curated quotes from Kringle Facebook fans populate the homepage, providing social proof to new buyers. To improve conversion (a double digit increase), we integrated Facebook Login for registration to streamline the new shoppers’ check-out process without the need to remember another password.

The Results

Immediately upon site launch, results showed a 212% increase in overall traffic and a 400% increase in sales with no change in paid promotion. Time spent on site increased 26.6% to a total of 4:46, bounce rate was reduced by 9%, and total page views tripled. Double digit increases in commerce conversion rates have paved the way to new expansion.


Increase in overall traffic


Increase in sales


Increase in time on site