Human Rights Campaign

Moving Forward the Mission for Equal Rights.

Client Human Rights Campaign

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The Challenge

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) sought a partner that shared their deep passion for equality to refresh their digital presence and help change the way the country looks at equal rights. As HRC’s well-known cause grew, their online message was becoming fractured and confusing. They needed a partner who could simplify the user experience, quickly connect users to the issues that matter most to them, and help inspire further change throughout the country.

Our Approach

Together, Digital Surgeons and the Human Rights Campaign began by refreshing core elements of, creating a mobile-first, fully responsive experience that solidified their position as a national leader for equal rights. now incorporates active, socially-driven content, sortable news, and strong calls to action to empower engagement and reaffirm that HRC is the most complete source for equal rights news and content.


Digital Surgeons refreshed the homepage to provide an intuitive, informative, and inviting experience — enabled by a complex and diverse editorial agenda that promoted modern day storytelling. The results helped HRC quickly and easily connect with more inspired users through up-to-date news, content, and messaging.


With a variety of rights issues covered, Digital Surgeons offered a streamlined path for visitors to easily access the content that interests them most. That’s why the Explore feature was added to help them quickly access events, resources, videos, stories, and programs based on their desired topic.


To drive community growth, provide thought leadership, and inspire sharing of important issues, Digital Surgeons revamped the blog experience to let users easily discover popular issues specific to their local area.


To help consumers connect to the issues that matter to them, Digital Surgeons provided a more meaningful digital experience by incorporating a mobile-first responsive design. This allowed users to access HRC news & content across all devices, anytime, anywhere.