Powering Up a Brand.

Client Fuel:One

Vertical Sports & Fitness

The Challenge

Fuel:One, an up-and-coming sports nutrition company, needed help strengthening their brand so they could go national and connect with more people. So, in a saturated market, where every product set the same unreachable standards, they called on Digital Surgeons to craft a unique story that transcended the market by not only speaking to the true goals of the target audience, but by transforming them into advocates.

Our Approach

Through audience research, retail immersion, and competitive benchmarking, Digital Surgeons identified the typical “stamp-and-repeat” approach most brands were taking to target hardcore bodybuilders and the fitness elite. Instead, we created a unique positioning approach that allowed Fuel:One to expand their audience by interest and affinity groups, giving us the ability to better target white space and market share. All in all, this resulted in a more forward-looking brand that was able to connect authentically with a today’s everyday athletes.

Brand Logotype

Fuel:One red and black logo
Fuel:One color combinations

Crafting a logotype, that stands out from the pack, began by moving away from the industry’s tired trend of big, bold uppercase fonts. We designed the customized font in lowercase to give the mark a sophisticated feel, for a more refined audience. The colon is used to separate the words, representing the brand’s mission to “Fuel Your One.” One more rep. One more workout. One more goal.

Icon Design

To extend Fuel:One’s brand, Digital Surgeons created a versatile icon that could be printed on anything from shirts, hats, and shorts, to protein shakers, stickers, and athletic equipment. The icon can be used with our without the text logotype for a flexible design system.


Fuel:One packaging

Fuel:One’s packaging had to be unique to stand out on shelf in a sea of competitors. Whereas most brands in the space have a very scientific feel, crowded with copy that yells at the consumer, and techy graphics and false claims, Digital Surgeons developed an open, minimalist aesthetic that incorporated generous negative space, reflecting the brand’s promise of pure, clean, and safe ingredients.


Creating a brand that our everyday athlete would be proud to wear was an integral part of our creative strategy. Digital Surgeons developed a wide range of stylish apparel designs that would fit into every lifestyle and every sport, from the runner, to the bodybuilder, to the extreme sports enthusiast. Fuel:One continues to get bigger and stronger by the day, powered by the passionate fans who proudly display the brand.