Getting a Brand in Shape.

Client Crossfit

Vertical Health & Fitness

The Challenge

We were tasked with creating a new branding identity and website for CrossFit New Haven to both drive new membership and better engage their existing members. With CrossFit being as much a cultural movement as it is a style of exercise, it was imperative that our creative execution resonated with our audience.

Our Approach

CrossFit is not the typical workout and therefore needs a proper introduction to potential new members. CrossFit New Haven’s website offers an explanation of what CrossFit is, what programs CrossFit New Haven offers, and how to join. Newcomers to CrossFit get all the information they need in one place.

A Best-In-Class Website


The culture of CrossFit is unique and not easily represented by stock photography. With the help of photographer Aaron Kotowski, we were able to capture the essence of CrossFit through actual members. Dark, gritty, sweaty, and real. It truly exemplifies the CrossFit New Haven experience.

Responsive Mobile Design

Being frequent CrossFit devotees ourselves, we knew how useful it would be for members to be able to quickly and easily access schedule information on their mobile devices. Our site is fully responsive down to the smallest of screen sizes. This became a value-add service to existing members and added a level of convenience that was not previously offered.

The Results

Within the first year of launching the new website, traffic to site and membership conversion has increased dramatically – directly creating the need for CrossFit New Haven to significantly increase their available classes.

People have been raving about the interactivity of the site and ease-of-use from their phones.