Hydrating A Brand's Digital Footprint.

Client CamelBak

Vertical Sporting Goods

The Challenge

Camelbak is a market leader in hydration products, sporting innovative products and a loyal fan base. But the brand was facing a challenge: their digital properties did not fully reflect the culture and innovation of their products. With a mission to “continuously reinvent and forever change the way people hydrate and perform,” their online presence just wasn’t measuring up. Digital Surgeons was brought in to help hydrate the brand’s digital footprint.

Our Approach

There’s nothing else quite like the experience of using a CamelBak product. Why should visiting the website be any different? We identified opportunities to improve the brand’s digital look and feel, improve site traffic and conversion, as well as help enable stronger connections with the consumer.

Home Page

We completely redesigned the Camelbak homepage to be bigger, better, and more effective as a marketing tool. The new homepage features rotating panels, allowing for beautifully immersive wide-screen images to promote a number of brand initiatives.

Seasonal Products

The new homepage features a product showcase that updates seasonally with the latest CamelBak products.

The Social Bak Bone

CamelBak has a following of die-hard fans. We aggregated CamelBak’s social channels into a homepage module, opening up communication with the brand and encouraging a two-way dialog.

Military Home Page

Another key mission for CamelBak was the redesign of the Military and Tactical landing page. The information architecture is consistent with the Camelbak homepage, with content and visuals tailored to reflect the intense environments experienced by soldiers in the field.

Hydration Gauge

We added a little cool-factor to the Military and Tactical landing page with an informative, interactive tool. We created a hydration gauge for men and women of the military to measure their hydration needs in various combat environments.