CamelBak Thirst

The World's First Fitness & Hydration Glassware App.

Client CamelBak

Vertical Sport & Fitness

The Challenge

Drinking plentiful water is crucial for overall health and wellness. Staying properly hydrated improves focus, mood, and concentration. Healthy hydration habits have been linked to increased athletic performance, improved immune response, and even younger looking skin. So why doesn’t everyone drink more water? More often than not, it’s a habit that’s hard to maintain and easily forgotten.

Our Approach

In order to keep healthy hydration top-of-mind for consumers, we partnered with CamelBak to create the world’s first hydration and fitness app available for Google Glass. From hydration based alerts based on the user’s location, to daily hydration reminders and tips – this Glassware app sets out to help the everyday consumer improve their daily hydration. In addition to hydration tools for the every day consumer, CamelBak Thirst also allows the core CamelBak outdoor consumer to record their outdoor activities from a first person POV and upload them directly to a branded microsite.

Glass App


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The Results

CamelBak Thirst represents one of the first branded forays into Google Glass and wearable tech. Because of this level of innovation, Thirst was featured in high-profile publications such as CNET, Fast Company, and others.

CamelBak Thirst aligns perfectly with our brand promise of delivering innovation and always having our consumer's back.