Bioshock Infinite

Launching the Game of the Year.

Client Irrational Games

Vertical Entertainment

The Challenge

When we kicked off the Bioshock Infinite project – the third in the Bioshock series from Irrational Games – the game had already won 85 pre-release awards. The first-person shooter game was breakthrough in terms of its intricate historical fiction storyline, unprecedented setting, and visual design. Our challenge was to create a global digital presence that would help build hype and promote its release, as well as serve as an ongoing content engine to support the game after launch.

Our Approach

As avid gamers ourselves, we couldn’t wait to give the impressive game an equally impressive and effective web presence. We explored a visually immersive experience featuring complex visuals and Steampunk-themed CSS animation that echoed the game’s ambience.

Visual Concepts

The final direction we moved forward with embraced a simpler, blog-driven approach. Built on the Expression Engine framework, we were able to provide a highly customized design with CMS access for the client to update as new images and information were released.

A Global Experience

On its face, this deceptively simple look masked a myriad of complex development and CMS challenges. The localized site supported 7 languages, 25 countries/regions, and links to multiple retail partners within those countries who were accepting advance orders for the game.

Countdown to New Trailers

In an effort to build interest in the highly anticipated game, we designed a Facebook voting experience to drive excitement for the new trailer release. To further pique interest, the voting campaign was preceded by a Steampunk-inspired countdown clock that ran for a week prior to the reveal.

The Art of Detail

Collector's Edition Concepts

Gamers are motivated by exclusives, and we capitalized on that fact by featuring limited quantity Collector’s Editions.

Promoting a Limited Edition

Features of the microsite include a 360° rotating statue, an artful magnifying glass, and an interactive booklet. As with the original site, the microsite is localized for 7 languages. Our final product accommodated the many spacial challenges of multiple languages.

The Results

Within the first two months of its release, Bioshock Infinite sold over 3.7 million retail copies worldwide and went on to become one of the best reviewed games of 2013.