Winning in the
LOHAS world

See how Digital Surgeons can help your brand succeed in the trillion-dollar Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability industry.

Winning in the
LOHAS world

See how Digital Surgeons can help your brand succeed in the trillion-dollar Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability industry.

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Invest in your brand’s future.

The health and sustainability movement isn't just about keeping the planet green and our bodies toxin-free. It's about fueling social movements and creating entirely new brand personas for consumers to engage with. Culturally-aware brands that embrace the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) consumer will create massive growth and loyalty, and will guarantee a better future for themselves and the world around them.

Be the change they seek.

Securing loyalty requires more than updating to a more “eco-friendly” logo. When a brand doesn’t truly believe in their efforts, it’s obvious, and the deception can have a disastrous impact on perception. For an example of a brand that’s being the change they want to see, look at NuGo. They’re the only Non-GMO protein bar company to forgo palm oils for healthier, but pricier, REAL dark chocolate, and they’re actively leading the charge to end deception in food labeling.

Be the change your customer seeks

Purpose over profits, going the extra mile.

Real change comes when collaboration trumps profit. And it all begins with brand leaders. Tesla founder Elon Musk claimed his company would not make a profit until 2020, saying, “Profits are not our primary goal.” True icons for change understand that giving back is important, but putting aside profit to increase awareness and education is a much greater ideal.

Find your brand's purpose

Sustainable value.

Efforts can also be made to drive value creation through assured sustainability. The Bamboo Bike trend is a great example of inspired sustainability due to bamboo’s availability, biodegradability, and highly renewable qualities (bamboo can grow up to three feet a day). Disruptive innovations like this grab the attention of the market, attract enthused loyalists, and help inspire future sustainable products.

"89% of people see a connection between the environment and their health."
Institute for the Future

Make your future more sustainable

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All about the badge.

Never before have people cared more about the logos on the back of the product than the one on the front. From “Gluten-Free” to “Energy Star” and the “Fair Trade” movement, each and every badge speaks to the motivations of unique consumer niches. These tribes of people are unforgiving in their beliefs and are intense advocates for the brands they trust. The opportunity here is to mobilize these influencers as a branded, community-sourced, speakers bureau that can go beyond the newswire.

“89% prefer to buy products with a 'Made with Recycled Materials' icon.”
Tetra Pak Global Study

Inspire Your Tribes

An organic experience.

With “organics” being the fastest growing segment of the global personal care industry, companies are more conscious than ever about the way they test, manufacture, and market products. Brands that celebrate the movement through their own ingredients and methods, and provide complete transparency, are more likely to win the battle for organic growth. Take Russell Organics as an example. They continually revolutionize luxury beauty philosophy and techniques despite an unwavering devotion to 100% organic, toxin-free ingredients.

“The organic food market is expected to continue its growth through 2018, with a CARG of 18%.”
U.S. Organic Food Market Forecast & Opportunities

Craft your organic experience today

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Be better together.

To create a positive environmental or social impact, brands can always leverage the inherent power in the existing community. The key is choosing a platform that is relevant to your brand and your consumers. At times this is part of your creation story (Toms Shoes lets advocates feel like they too are helping to provide for a child in need). In other cases it’s a natural evolution of your brand’s beliefs and the interactivity with your audience (From a water bottle, to a voice for clean water throughout the world, CamelBak encourages fans to use their bottles as not only a symbol for hydration education but tangible participation in the fight to reduce the negative environmental impact of disposable water bottles).

Make an active difference

Ready for change? Your market is waiting.

Change begins internally, but future brand loyalty can be won with cause-driven social movements that align with your new core philosophies. Engagements should be easy, shareable, and quantifiable. Too rigid and it won’t feel authentic. Too casual and it will lack the foundation necessary to sustain momentum. Remember, they’re hungry for change, but they’re savvier than ever and will not be deceived by gimmicks, so look for an agency partner that can help you create the change your brand needs today.

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Make the call to make a change.

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