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Enterprise Ecommerce Development for the Connected Economy

Whether you need to modernize your ecommerce solution or you’ve outgrown your current platform, we work with the leading enterprise ecommerce platforms to help your business adapt and grow with fast, scalable, and customized solutions.

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Platform Flexibility
We Work With the Leading Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms
Using outdated or patchwork ecommerce systems will hinder any business looking to survive and excel in today’s economy. As a platform agnostic agency, Digital Surgeons has extensive experience architecting and deploying innovative solutions on all leading enterprise ecommerce platforms, including Magento, SiteCore, DemandWare, and Shopify Plus.

Leading ecommerce platforms we have experience working with.

Responsive Design

By 2021, more than 50% of all ecommerce retail purchases will take place on mobile. With best-in-class web design and intuitive mobile-first UX, we’ll provide your customers with compelling mobile shopping experiences complete with multi-currency support, easy adding and managing of products, and targeted SEO keywords.

Connected Commerce

Today’s customers expect you to deliver superior online experiences at every phase of the buyer’s journey. From awareness all the way through to decision, we are experts at integrating connected devices and conversational AI into ecommerce experiences that support your customers with personalized, human-like interactions.

Digital Commerce Experiences
Direct to Consumer Ecommerce Strategy
We develop fully-integrated, direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce platforms that pair frictionless shopping with immersive storytelling to enhance experience, drive consumer loyalty, and increase conversion. Through personalized digital tools and experiences, such as product selectors, on-site search, and shoppable content via clickable videos and images, we deliver multi-channel, DTC ecommerce solutions that are customized to fit the exact needs – and online behaviors – of your customers.
Tap into the future of commerce
Enhancing Customer Experience Through Amazon Alexa
Certified in developing Amazon Alexa Skills, our technology team can conceptualize, produce, and implement conversational AI that is specific to your brand. This allows your customers to have verbal, one-to-one interactions with your brand in real time, strengthening the brand-consumer relationship and leading to improved and personalized ecommerce experiences for your customers.

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