Mobile Optimization

Touching the future.

Remember when mobile and tablet devices were referred by marketers as the 2nd and 3rd screen? Oh, we’re so past that. We are living in the age of the ubiquitous connected device. The desktop dominance is waning, and the importance of addressing mobile websites, apps, video, and social grows every year.

The time to adopt responsive web design is now.

The idea of a separate mobile experience died with the advent of mainstream responsive design. Adapting a website to multiple device types is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s the new standard. We're leaders in responsive website design. We authored the fully open-source Gumby Framework for proven, efficient, and scalable responsive development.

Better app development.

We build engaging mobile apps in multiple platforms and technologies. From browser-based HTML5 experiences, to native mobile apps, to fully immersive 3D augmented reality. Our team crafts mobile experiences with an emphasis in user experience and a distaste for shallow, throw-away novelties. We like building things that people will use.

Mobile and retail: the perfect match.

Consumers are primed for digital engagement in the retail space. Mobile devices are frequently used during the path to purchase, and the opportunities to help educate, inform, and entertain are limitless. In addition, data capture at these key moments can be an incredible learning tool for brands. We recognize the synergy between mobile and retail, employing digital shopper marketing tactics to help transform curiosity into action.

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