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Looking to innovate? Try a Design Sprint.

Our collaborative, data-driven design sprints are a great, low-risk way to quickly solve big challenges, create new digital products and services, or improve existing ones in a fraction of the time.

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Why a design sprint?

Real innovation doesn’t happen in silos. At its core, a design sprint is a high-energy, high speed way to introduce a deeper level of creative collaboration within your organization. This method can be used for any number of challenges; from designing new high-value features to exploring new business models, all by learning directly from your customers – without the typical timelines, resources, and commitments required to get you there through a traditional project or engagement. That means being able to compress months of work into a single week.


How design sprints work:

Although our specific design sprint process can be customized to fit any number of participants, time table, or business challenges, our most popular sprint model follows a 5-day format. Every sprint begins with a kickoff day where we co-create a tightly defined problem to solve for in the sprint, and define what success criteria looks like. We then spend the next day or so running a series of convergent and divergent thinking activities to generate, prioritize, and down-select ideas and solutions with the highest potential impact. The back half of every sprint is dedicated to building a testable prototype of our solution and then putting it to work with real customers. We then wrap every sprint with a debrief, where we develop an action plan together for what comes next.


What's the outcome?

Although every design sprint is uniquely designed to fit the needs of the business problem we’re solving for, every sprint concludes with a clear understanding of the best way to move forward – whether that’s building a functioning MVP, creating a launch strategy, or running another sprint to iterate and polish the solutions we manifested even further.


We’ve helped businesses of all sizes and life stages deliver innovation with design sprints.

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“We were looking for a strategic partner that would develop innovative activations steeped in data-backed insights and found it with Digital Surgeons. They showed us that they know how to leverage the strong legacy of our brand with fresh ideas that will help position us for a new generation.”

- Alex, B2C Global Marketing Manager


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