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AngularJS is the leader in the next generation of JavaScript frameworks, focusing on building rich interactive experiences across devices. Backed by Google and an ever-growing community, AngularJS is our go-to framework for rapid application development.

Rapid AngularJS Application Development

Rapid Development

As an AngularJS developer, we move at the speed of innovation. We create fast, ship fast, and break down barriers along the way. AngularJS ships with an immense suite of tools to help developers build robust applications quickly. Controllers, services, super powerful directives, and the world famous two-way data binding make AngularJS a prime candidate for rapid prototyping, whether sprinting to an MVP or architecting robust large-scale applications.

AngularJS Development for the Web and Mobile

AngularJS for Mobile & Web

Google developers built AngularJS for highly interactive, single page applications – making it perfect for mobile. Angular's unique declarative style of development simplifies the maintenance of a single codebase deployed to multiple platforms. And with the increasing advent of incredible services that integrate tightly with AngularJS such as Firebase and Ionic, there's no stopping this JavaScript framework in both web and mobile application development.

AngularJS is backed by Google and has a vibrant community

Vibrant Community

Did we mention it's built and maintained at Google? Constantly innovating, iterating, and releasing awesome updates, Google invests significant resources into this open source framework and it shows. In addition to Google backing, AngularJS has a dramatically growing community in the JavaScript world, soaring past other frameworks. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you can be sure someone in the community has written a directive for your needs making development efficient. 

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