World’s Biggest Pac-Man becomes Internet Hit!

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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We’re not just game here at Digital Surgeons – we’re gamers too! And Pac-Man, of course, is the granddaddy of them all (give or take the primeval Pong) – which is why we’re happy to report that the venerable video game is literally bigger and better than ever!

  Announced at the recent Microsoft MIX Developer Conference, The World’s Biggest Pac-Man links together hundreds of fan-made levels. Combining social media, user-generated content and a device-agnostic development platform, this is pretty much a roadmap of where web games are going. So far, 1350 mazes have been generated, with 16,597,858 Pac-dots eaten and 86,933 lives lost. Users need to sign-up via Facebook Connect if they want to construct their own mazes, but anyone can visit the site, click

  on a map and enjoy some retro-flavored pill-scoffing fun. Although it was designed to showcase Internet Explorer 9, The World’s Biggest Pac-Man will run on any browser that supports HTML 5. What’s the marketing spin on all this? Maybe, that it’s always wise to consider adding a new twist to an old favorite. The New Coke fiasco might be the all-time exception to that rule, but then again, even New Coke might have worked if Coca Cola had not simultaneously withdrawn the old Coke from the market.