Social Media Marketing Tools:  Our Favorites

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  As a digital marketer, you need to know what people are saying about your company as well as your competitors. Enter Monitter, a service that monitors Twitter mentions in real-time in a multi-column interface reminiscent of TweetDeck. Simply input a search term into a column, add or remove columns as desired, and get an automatically-refreshing picture of what people are saying about your brand or competing brands in your space. Save Your Eyesight: By default, the Monitter interface is gray on black, which can be hard on the eyes. You can switch to a more typical color scheme by selecting the “light” theme in the menu at the upper right.

  Google Analytics

  This free tool has become the industry standard analytics software and it’s used by companies of all sizes, so it’s easy to find useful tips and advice online. The reporting features in GA become even more useful the more traffic you get. It’s easy to pick out trends, view which pages are generating your traffic, and see all the different ways people are reaching your site. There are also some pretty cool extra features such as “Site Overlay” which shows you where on your pages people are clicking. Google Analytics can also help you buy the right keywords, target your best markets, and engage and convert more customers.


  HootSuite helps organizations use the social web to launch marketing campaigns, identify and grow audience, and distribute targeted messages across multiple channels. Using HootSuite’s unique social media dashboard, teams can collaboratively schedule updates to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, WordPress and other social networks via web, desktop or mobile platforms plus track campaign results and industry trends to rapidly adjust tactics. There’s also auto-updating from RSS/Atom feeds, powerful reports, and mobile versions for easy tracking/updating on the go.


  So awesome, that salesforce just bought them – for a very respectable $340 million! Radian6’s web dashboard allows topics to be quickly set up for monitoring, queries and analysis, enabling marketers to uncover seemingly hidden issues and trends that could (and perhaps should) affect strategic directions. Radian 6 features a live feed of brand mentions. You can mine this “River of News” (yes, that’s what they really call it!) in more detail to their location, their various networks, the positivity towards your brand and even the degree to which they influence your market.


  The most obvious and frequent business use of YouTube is for marketing and advertising, but don’t overlook other ways in which your company can leverage YouTube. Visual walkthroughs and FAQs can be a great boon to customer service. Videos of you and your team giving public presentations, speaking at conferences or engaging with the media can establish and enhance your company’s reputation as a thought leader. And don’t forget the utility of private videos for use in executive and new employee trainings and recording company events; access can be shared with only the people who should be able to see each item. And now with YouTube’s Promoted Videos getting placement in AdSense units around the web, there’s even more incentive to think about leveraging social video as a brand exposure tool


  Most punditry on the death of email is a bit premature. The venerable mailing list is still a good way to maintain relationships with customers, especially when done well. The web-based mailing list manager MailChimp offers list management, tracking and analysis, and custom HTML templates for up to 500 subscribers and 3000 emails a month for free. Paid plans kick in at larger subscriber numbers. Featuring integration with WordPress, Twitter, Salesforce and more, MailChimp is the list manager of choice for an impressive list of heavyweights including Mozilla, Intel, Canon, Fujitsu, Staples and more. Another cool feature is MailChimp’s API which allows you to integrate the service with your own existing applications, tools, content management system or CRM solution.