Mountain Lion: New King of the OS X Jungle

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This Week’s Top Story:

  Apple oh so subtlety announced their new iteration of OS X, Mountain Lion (10.8), by posting the details to The new operating system borrows heavily from iOS with a notification system and new messaging app (Messages) that mirror their iOS counterparts. Messages, which is available now, replaces iChat and will provide cross-platform integration. Mountain Lion will also include further iCloud integration, Game Center, and numerous other features.

Newsworthy Tidbits:

  Apple permissions change will require apps to explicitly request access to a user’s address book after controversies with Path and Twitter.

  Twitter opened up their self-serve ad program to select small businesses and is offering $100 incentive, in partnership with American Express, to provide more ad opportunity to businesses beyond just promoted tweets.

  Google was caught bypassing Safari privacy settings in iPhones to track browsing history of users. Upon discovery, Google disabled the code.

Be on the Lookout:

  Brands on Facebook can expect timeline by the end of the month, according to Ad Age.

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