Intern Diaries: Aaron Shea

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When I started looking for a summer internship, I did not expect that I would experience what I had at Digital Surgeons. In fact, I didn’t expect any company to accept an internship request from a senior in high school. But Digital Surgeons welcomed me as a developer intern with open arms, and they didn’t lie that their interns do not just fetch coffee all day. On one of my first days I was set to the task of building the API for an internal employee status tool. I was required to plan use cases, test robustness, and develop real time interactions between the client interface and the server using the Nodejs platform. Working closely with senior developers and designers I was able to produce a working product that could be used in the real world.

The amount of talent at DS was astounding, almost every day I learned something new, gained experience in site development and deployment. There was always a new topic being discussed, and I loved listening and contributing. The office environment can only be described as the perfect balance of work and fun, maintaining a serious focus on the task at hand while still being able to enjoy the awesome folks around us. Work at the office was both challenging and fun, I couldn’t have asked for better being surrounded by the amazing, talented and fun-loving people at DS.

Digital Surgeons also introduced me to the local developer meetup group: New Haven IO. The first meeting I attended I gave a quick walk, touching on topics such as RESTful API design with Node and real time applications. The connections I gained from that group still continue to grow as I continue to attend regular meetups and still give talks there today!

After my internship ended I was offered a part time position as a developer, and I gladly took the opportunity! Now I spend my time studying, working and developing open source projects and utilities in my spare time. Digital Surgeons earned me my start in the industry, and I am honored to now be officially part of the DS crew. I look forward to my future jobs with them, and will never forget how I got my start. Everything I learn at Digital Surgeons will benefit me in so many ways for my future career, and it breaks my heart knowing I’ll need to leave for college soon and miss the people I love to work with.

Aaron M. Shea

Developer Intern, 2013 – 2014
Now Part-Time Developer at DS