Gestural Navigation System

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Interfacing with computers has always intrigued us. We’ve designed and developing an array of mouse based interfaces over the past decade in a vast range of industries. While mouse based interfaces have become the norm, we have also been inventing alternative navigations in attempts to hone our skills, impress our peers, and offer cutting edge solutions to industry leading clients.

  In our studies we observed that new technologies must be familiar, rewarding, and solve a fundamental problem with human-computer communication. Until recently electronics have needed a physical touch to receive instruction. We have developed a motion-tracking interface that recognizes hand movements and interprets them as instruction to control the computer. This has been achieved with low cost electronics and Actionscript 3 making it adaptable to any existing Flash website.

  In this video we are controlling SoStream, our real-time social media visualization Flash website, with only a laptop and a webcam. The video shows that the interface fairly accurately detects where the user intends to move his attention.

DS Labs Experiment using a gestural navigation to control Tweets, Photos and Videos in real time from Youtube, Flickr, and Twitter.