Facebook Game Development: DoubleCross Debuts

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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Double Cross went live on Facebook on Sept. 22nd and it’s quickly becoming the game that people “Like.” A shooting gallery with a western theme, Double Cross is our first game to date, and, appropriately, it draws on our deep experience in designing client marketing programs for Facebook. The game pulls in a player’s Facebook friends and makes them the centerpiece of the action.

  We should warn you, Double Cross can easily become addictive – with 3 increasingly challenging levels of difficulty, a 30 second time limit per round and badges awarded for mastering the game are features that all add to the compelling nature of, well, shooting your Facebook buddies.

  The back-story is this: A bank robbery has gone awry and your partners (your Facebook friends) took off with your share of the loot. You found them hiding out at the local saloon and the only way to get your dough back is to fill ‘em full of lead. Hey, they asked for it, right?

  One of the key elements of the experience is the ability to quickly share your skill level with your Facebook friends and challenge them to beat your score. In addition to utilizing Facebook’s latest social technologies and their Open Graph API, Double Cross was created with Adobe Flash and PHP/mysql. Special thanks to Big Spaceship for their Facebook oAuth wrapper!

  We plan to expand the game and add additional multiplayer functionality as game usage continues to increase, so keep an eye out as we tweak.