ExpressionEngine 2 SEO Module

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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As part of our continuing strive for a super-efficient development processes, we’ve created a simple Search Engine Optimization module for ExpressionEngine 2!

  While searching for how to properly implement SEO within Expression Engine websites, we found that current extensions were generally lacking, both in flexibility and in actual number. Our final solution? Build our own!

  This plugin follows the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). We found that we needed a balance between flexibility/power and simplicity. For us, this plugin does just enough without a cumbersome implementation or code base.

  This module allows you to:


  • Add title, keywords, and description for any entry via the SEO tab

  • Set a default title, description or keywords for entries (and lets you choose whether or not to use the defaults)

  • Prepend / Append text to all title tags (can be overridden with template tags)

  • Set Visibility of robots via the robots meta tag

  • Canonical meta tag to reduce duplicate content flags in search engines

  For more information, check out the thread on ExpressionEngine developer forums:

  You can download the module directly from our github repository here:

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