ExpressionEngine 2 Facebook Comments Module

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Written by Digital Surgeons,
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We’re proud to announce our newest publicly released module for ExpressionEngine 2! This module allows you to replace ExpressionEngine’s standard commenting fields with Facebook comments, utilizing Facebook’s Open Graph API.

  We felt it was important to make ExpressionEngine more available to the social-media ecosystem. To that end, we have created this module to allow users to comment on a site’s content. These comments are shown on a user’s wall, which their friends can see and share.

  This module first came about to meet a need for clients whose web presence is very social-media centric. We discovered that, much like our ExpressionEngine 2 SEO module, there was very little readily available code that would meet this need. This was a natural time to say “Hey, why not make our own publicly available add-on?” And so we did.

  This module can do the following:


  • Allows users to comment on any piece of content

  • Use Open Graph’s iFrame for quick and easy implementation

  • Use custom template tags for a more “skinnable” commenting solution

  • Get the number of comments per article for blog listing pages (and the like)

  • Customize the number of comments displayed per page as well as the width of the comments’ box

  Module Roadmap:


  • Ability to add Facebook Like button anywhere on your site

  • Ability to add Facebook Share button anywhere on your site

  This module is publicly available on our Github repository – Download available here.

  Please feel free to leave us feedback, questions, comments, complaints, praise or sweet nothings in the comments below!