Anyone Remember Blackberry?

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Newsworthy Tidbits:

  RIM reported their dismal earnings for the past quarter which has surprising bred hope in many tech enthusiasts. Despite their lowest market share to date, the company is currently on track to release the Blackberry 10 on time, which could just be the boost they need to maintain enterprise contracts and experience some degree of success after failures regarding the Playbook.

  The FTC released a report regarding online privacy which outlined their resolution to serious issues facing consumers including “Do Not Track” initiatives, mobile privacy and data brokers and offered up a set of “best practices” to ensure consumer safety online.

Be on the Lookout:

  Rumor of Google’s Dropbox-like service, Google Drive, are circulating that the product will be available for early April.

  There was also news this week that Google may be planning a store model to sell tablets directly to consumers.

  Facebook has a team of engineers working to improve the search engine within the site with an end goal of making it easier to sort through the site’s massive amount of content. The project is being headed by former Google engineer Lars Rasmussen, who co-founded Google Maps.

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