A Common Misconception: Not All Data is Useful Data // With Sevak Avakians

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Written by Pete Sena,
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Sevak Avakians: Lots of predictability in it, but there’s no real complexity in it.

Pete Sena: So you’re not only solving problems in traditional AI systems but you’re also helping your clients understand when to use AI and when not to, so what I’m almost hearing is we all heard the term “data is the currency of the future” or we always hear buzzwords like that. So, what I’m hearing you say Sevak is: if data is the currency of the future, intelligent artifacts is the Rosetta stone for organizations, in terms of being able to understand their enterprise.

Sevak Avakians: When you put it that way that’s really cool.

Pete Sena: That’s what shows up, understanding what that means because if you take intelligent artifacts and implement that in an aerospace company, which you may or may not have already done, if you take intelligent artifacts and you set it up in a smart agricultural initiative that’s maybe doing farming and dealing with the yield management and the second or third world your ability to take the Mongoose in this case or take a different animal in that case and then apply that is really brought to life so you can deploy intelligent artifacts and look at the information and then solve some of the world’s biggest AI problems through what you’re doing is that like semi accurate.

Sevak Avakians: It is and the funny thing is that people right now are looking at that information analyzer and making their decisions to go ahead with that portion of it repeatedly but our challenge has been to explain to them listen that comes after all the data has gone into the system and now it’s telling you whether you should use a system or not the real value of the system is its real-time continuous feedback it learns continuously it’ll give you predictions continuously that’s what you should use it for not for this after the facts almost like a statistical answer to your data that’s old-school you got to kind of move beyond that piece is there only to show you if there’s anything valuable in your data to continue with the project or not.