What the Coming Educational VR Revolution Teaches Us About the Tech’s Future

While VR is often discussed as a gaming technology, the gaming applications of VR are simply the first wave in a sequence that will profoundly shape the way we experience content over the next five years.

By importing VR/AR into the classroom, one minute students can explore the anatomy and organs of an animal without harming it, and the very next build and test circuits or set up experiments that test Newton’s laws. Current estimates project that the global edtech market will reach $252 billion by 2020; VR will capture a big chunk of this pie.

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Written by Founder

The Web is Moving Offline: How Progressive Web Apps Help Users and Businesses

Every company is now a tech company. But your company’s website relies on the least reliable central point of failure to operate — the network. Network connections are fragile. Aside from obvious areas of low connectivity, a storm can wipe out electricity, or a cloud provider can shut down.The Web is moving offline, so optimize accordingly or risk leaving your users in the dark.

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Written by Web Developer

Introducing OpenShare: Social Integrations, Twitter Share Counts, Google Analytics & Much More

Much to the shock and dismay of developers, designers, and content creators around the world, Twitter deprecated their share count API back in November of last year. The Twitter development team explained the choice but it left many publishers without that social proof they often rely on so heavily for increasing engagement. We saw an opportunity in OpenShare, a service we built that helps designers and developers integrate with third party platforms, and with version 1.4.0 released this week, I can officially announce that we have brought back Twitter share counts!

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How to Integrate OpenShare with Google Analytics and Tag Manager

OpenShare is an easy-to-use social plug-in for content websites that allows site publishers to quickly and easily deploy social media action buttons on their sites in any style or configuration that they wish. It was created by a team of developers at Digital Surgeons as a means to speed social media action button deployment and lend design flexibility to how we enable social actions on our digital experiences.

I’m pleased to reveal that the latest release of OpenShare contains something close to my heart: fully-realized Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations. This is my guide to integrating OpenShare with Google Analytics.

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From Bitcoin to Ethereum: How Blockchain Technology Enables New Brand Tactics

Blockchain technology is poised to solve a massive swathe of the problems we face with our digital assets today. Used for the right things, it eliminates entire classes of complications and vulnerabilities, as well as the upfront infrastructure investment. Big minds and deep pockets like IBM, Intel and Microsoft, as well as the World Economic Forum expect this technology to hail a fourth a fourth industrial revolution. Whole new ways of doing business are expected to arise, and maybe even the way our society is structured will change as a result.

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