Zynga Takes Out the Competition with an Acquisition

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This Week’s Top Story:

  Social gaming giant Zynga bought out DrawSomething company OMGPOP for $210 million. DrawSomething is a mobile Pictionary-like social game that has gained recent popularity (currently number one in the Apple App Store).

Newsworthy Tidbits:

  Apple announced this week that they will be using part of their massive cash stockpile to invest $45 billion into dividends and share the money with their shareholders.

  A group of ex-Google employees are looking to stop tech giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter from tracking your data. The group, led by former Google engineer Brian Kennish have built a Chrome Extension (called Disconnect) that started off just blocking the data collected by Facebook for third-party sites, and has since expanded to apply the same technology to Digg, Yahoo, Google and Twitter. Their end-goal is a full-fledged platform to better control privacy settings and data.

  Google has added an element to analytics that can assign a monetary value to social interactions to begin shedding some light as to the ROI on social marketing. This update will include a feed of conversation about your company as well as break down visits by social network.

  Twitter celebrates its sixth birthday!

Be on the Lookout:

  The Crowdfunds Act, formerly know as the JOBS Act , which was meant to make it easier for startups to raise revenue, passed in the Senate this week. The bill will go back to the House (though the JOBS Act had been approved by the House) to vote on the new changes, which includes the requirement that startups raise revenue from SEC-approved websites, as well as additional safeguards for investors. Keep an eye out as news develops about the status of this bill and what it means for startups.

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